Little Chef

Two of my three girls enjoy cooking….. or what they consider cooking. I have always let them cook what they wanted and make up recipes. When Brooke was little she would mix all kinds of crazy stuff and much of it turned out to be pretty gross. However, I wanted to foster her love and allowed her to experiment. Now she is a great cook! And I am reaping the rewards.

Well it’s Kate’s turn now. A few days ago she wanted to “cook” so I let her make up a recipe that included:


Gummy fruit snacks

juice box

1 chocolate pudding cup

Powdered sugar

1 piece of bread broken up into pieces

She mixed all this together in a pan and heated it up on the stove. THEN…… she wanted to pour this mixture into the popsicle molds we have and freeze them. Mmmmmmm – not!

I allowed her to do all this and you would think I had given her a gold medal or $100. She was sooo proud of herself! The next day she tried her popsicle. It was not quite as good as she had envisioned. 😆

Today, Kate is my favorite. Never stop exploring and experimenting babe!

Below you get to see the lovely concoction. I showed this to a friend and they immediately thought it was chili 🤣. Nope, those “beans” are actually gummy candies.


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