This just happened….

So life has been…….busy.  No.  BUSY!!!!!

Here is one example of the kind of “busy” I manage daily.  (I am really trying not to say “crazy”!)

A few nights back I was watching some Olympic ice dancing.  Finally being still for a moment and Kate asked if could play in my makeup.  I said “of course.”  She usually just puts on eye shadow and its no big deal.  Not this night!

She went straight for the liquid eyeliner.  Who knew it had such coverage!  I had walked into the bathroom to check on her and THIS is what I saw.  I had some food in my mouth and I literally almost spit it out on the floor.

This girl! : )  Gotta love her!

Kate is my favorite today.  There is definitely never a dull moment!

Avery 0, Brooke 0, Kate 1

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