This Girl😁

This girl……. : )  She makes me smile!  Avery, Brooke and myself just got back from a mission trip to Ecuador.  It was fabulous and such a blessing to us all (I could go on and on and on…..).  Avery and I had been there 3 years ago, but this was Brooke’s first time going.  I thought she would do well, but I was impressed as to how well she did.  She immediately embraced these children who were strangers and from a different culture.  It’s such a good reminder that no matter where you live, what language you speak, or what you have or don’t have,…. we are all just humans.  We all love our children and want to live a happy life.  All over the world.

This experience did have its surprises for Brooke.  In the Quechua culture, young girls typically get married in their early teen years.  One of the days, a young girl asked Brooke where her husband was (Brooke speaks enough Spanish to get by).  The girls laughed when she told them that she didn’t have a husband.  I guess she is an old maid by village standards!

Then one of the girls pointed at Brooke’s breast and asked if she was pregnant.  Well, this really got away with Brooke!  She told the girls that no, she wasn’t pregnant.  But later she couldn’t wrap her head around why they would ask her if she was pregnant or even think that.  She and I talked about it later and I told her that since these girls get married so early, they probably associate any type of puberty changes with being pregnant – because they are most likely married and pregnant at the same time they experience puberty.

Boy, this girl makes me smile! Brooke is my favorite today : )

Daily tally:

Avery +13/-3, Brooke +14/-2, Kate +15/-6, Me 0/-2

11 thoughts on “This Girl😁

  1. Stephanie, this is so tremendous that you were able to have this experience with Avery and Brooke with this mission trip in Ecuador. The impact with their faith will last throughout all your lives.

    So interesting reading about getting married young in other cultures. My wife Lynne was a missionary kid in India. Her parents ministered there for 21 years, Lynne was born there and lived there until she was nine. Forty years ago in the area Lynne was living, marriages were always arranged. And the girl got married very young in their early teens

    Lynne’s sister was that very age and several other parties had approached her parents about arranging a marriage with her sister. Lynne’s parents really worked hard to adjust themselves to the customs of the Indian culture by living how they lived. But when it came to arranging a marriage for their 13 year old daughter they drew the line

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    1. Thanks so much for reading! It was a wonderful experience for all of us. I really want our girls to understand other cultures and that there is not one correct way to do anything or to live. The people we encountered in Ecuador have so much less materially, but are so happy and blessed. They love and focus on their families. I think sometimes in the “Western World” we get caught up in other things and forget that everything we need to be happy is in our own homes.


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