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A few weeks ago, I was driving to the beach for the weekend with just the two teenagers.  It was Friday night of Memorial Day weekend and I knew the traffic would be thick, so I took an alternate route through farm country.  Really.  I mean middle-of-nowhere, drive-45-minutes-to-the-grocery-store farm country.

At one point we went through a small town that is known for growing a lot of cucumbers for a particular pickle company.  I told the girls this and pointed out the fields and warehouses for the cucumbers.

Then Brooke said, “Where are the trees?”

Me:  What do you mean trees…?

Brooke:  The cucumber trees.

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Me:  There are no cucumber trees.  Cucumbers grow on vines.

Brooke:  No they don’t.  They grow on trees.

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This back and forth went on for a while.  I told her that cucumbers definitely grew on vines.  She wasn’t having it.  Could not be convinced.  I asked her please to not say this outside of our family – so as not to embarrass herself.

To further prove how much city she has in her and how little country – another example

We continued driving and it was night by then.  We kept hearing “Pat…..pat-pat……pat-pat-pat…….pat.”  Just soft little noises as we drove.  Brooke kept saying that she thought it was raining, but then kept stopping.

No again.  It was the sound of bugs – a plethora of bugs to be exact – hitting the windshield.  I guess we have not done a lot of country driving at night.  We are certainly not from a metropolis, but we have always lived in a town and don’t get out into the farmland much.  Obviously!

Brooke is definitely my favorite today.  She is really very intelligent – book smart.  Country or farm smart – not so much.  Love you any way city girl!  You make me laugh!!

Daily tally:

Avery +13/-3, Brooke +13/-2, Kate +15/-6, Me 0/-2


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