The College Decision…..

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Avery applied to 7 colleges total.  Only one did rolling admissions and she found out in fall that she was accepted there.  All the other colleges she applied for regular admissions, not early admissions.  Therefore, she didn’t find out about acceptance/rejection until the end of March or beginning of April – depending on the school.  This proved to be a bit nerve-wracking because most of her friends applied during early admissions and had already decided where they would be attending before she even knew where she was accepted.

Avery has been in an International Baccalaureate Program at her high school and it has been very intense and challenging, but such a great experience for her.  She has learned so much and grown, not only as a student, but into a much more mature, reflective and thoughtful person.  Most of her classes are taught to incorporate the whole child and reflect global views about the subject matter.  She has the opportunity to travel abroad twice (Denmark, Spain, France) and while in Denmark she was part of an exchange and attended Danish school for a week .  She also has taken 5 levels of Spanish and is conversationally proficient (for which I am somewhat jealous!)

This is my oldest child and therefore she’s always the one we experiment on – sorry Avery!  We didn’t know a great deal about doing college applications.  Her father and I have both attended college, but that was in the dark ages and things have changed so much.  When we applied, there wasn’t even essay requirements – now there are multiple essays for each school!

I got the joy/duty of checking and proofing all the applications and essays.  Wow!  That’s like a part time job in itself.  Oh and don’t get me started on the FAFSA or CSS financial aid profiles to see if your child qualifies for any type of financial assistance.  They needed hair and blood samples from all members of the family, the last 10 years of financial records and taxes, and I had to promise to name my next-born “FAFSA.”  Okay, not really.  But it felt sort of like that.  

So after all that – for 7 schools – I felt like I had applied for college myself!  She applied 3 state universities and 4 private schools (one Ivy and 3 “Southern Ivy”).  I told her to “Go Big,” because you don’t want to live the rest of your life wondering if you could have gone to particular college.  One of the state schools was her “safe school” and that was the one she got into through rolling admissions and was notified in the Fall.

We visited several of the schools, but there was one that she was particularly enamoured with – Wake Forest.  Her IB class visited once last year while she was a junior in high school.  She really like it and asked me to go back with her to visit.  We were both very impressed.  

She also visited the state school that is my husband and my alma mater – UNC Chapel (Yes, currently NCAA National Basketball Champions!)  Avery has grown up visiting there, going to games and events.  She has had a UNC cheerleader outfit since birth and has had UNC t-shirts/sweat shirts in all sizes as she grew up.  We always thought she was going to wind up there – especially with the family tradition of graduates (Family alumni: Me, my husband, her aunt, her uncle, her grandmother, her other aunt, her cousin, and other extended family)  Like they say, “It’s in our blood!”  All of our children learned the UNC fight song as toddlers.  We ARE Tarheels.  However, Avery was not impressed when we did the college visit.  She wasn’t feeling the love there.

Other choices included NC State School of Engineering, Duke, Davidson and Brown.

Well, when all was said and done, she was accepted to some and rejected from some.  Good thing is that she was accepted by her top 2 choices – which turned out to be NC State and Wake Forest.  Avery didn’t know anyone else who was accepted to Wake, but still loved the campus and the small atmosphere.

Avery had never said much about NC State, but she was accepted into the School of Engineering – no small feat – and then really began to consider it.  She also has two close friends who will be attending and are also in the School of Engineering.  This would be a ready-made friend group to take to college and support network.  Also, her father is a Civil Engineer so she would be following in the family business so to speak.

Wake Forest offered her a scholarship that brought the cost down to align with NC State – so financially they schools were comparable.

She agonized over the decision for about two weeks.  She had a deadline to let Wake know if she was accepting the scholarship or declining and attending NC State.  Avery begged for our input in making the decision about which school to attend.  It was extremely hard to stay neutral, but I knew it had to be her decision and her’s alone.  Otherwise if she ever doubted the decision, she would blame us for “making her choose the school.”

Ultimately, the decision was……..

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I definitely agree with her choice and think the small classes and campus will be a great fit for her.  I am beyond proud of Avery, but pride often gives way to fear and angst about her being away soon.  18 years have gone by too fast!!

Avery is my favorite today.  We are so proud of who she is and can’t wait to see the wonderful things she will accomplish in this world!

Daily tally:

Avery +11/-3, Brooke +12/-2, Kate +14/-6, Me 0/-2


8 thoughts on “The College Decision…..

  1. I’m happy to see that everything works out for your daughter! I am currently attending university too and she will definitely have a time of her life. The memories that she will get and the people she will meet will stay with her for the rest of her life. I am sure that you already knew that since you and your husband both attended University. Much love. 🙂

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  2. Hurray!! What a big decision. Sounds like she really looked at it deeply and decided on which school was best for her, not for her socially. Good move not to go to a school where you already know people, else you probably won’t move beyond your old circle of friends.
    As another female engineer (mechanical), I say “You go girl!” Hope she isn’t too outnumbered in her small classes – although hopefully she’ll find, as I did, that it doesn’t matter at all. I hope she enjoys Wake Forest!

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