Oops At The Beach!

A few days ago, we were at the beach (picture above is walking down to the beach from the house).  We stay at a house that is not ocean front, so we have to walk a couple of blocks to the beach.  We were having a great time and had been on the beach about 2 hours.  Kate came to tell me “I have to pee pee.”  This is a part of the beach that does not have restrooms – its just “the beach.”  So I told her we would have to go walk back to the house for that.

Kate said she didn’t want to leave the beach yet and scurried off to play some more.  I was sitting in a chair, talking to a friend when I suddenly look up and see this scene: Kate is standing at the edge of the water with her bathing suit bottom at her feet.  She is standing with her legs wide apart and is peeing in the sand/water. – I jumped to my feet and ran as fast as I could to put my child’s clothes back on!

It had never occurred to me that she would take off her clothes in public and urinate!  I had never explicitly said “Don’t take off your clothes and pee in public.”  I kind of thought it was understood.  My bad!

Kate is least favorite today.  Hopefully she will keep bodily functions confined to the bathroom from here on out!

Daily tally:

Avery +10/-3, Brooke +12/-2, Kate +13/-6, Me 0/-2


8 thoughts on “Oops At The Beach!

  1. My mother has a picture of me on the beach at 3 years old squatted down intently looking at the rocks. She realized after she took the picture I was actually pooping in the rocks and my bottoms are next to me hidden in the rocks! Hilarious picture though! Good luck mama!

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