Proms and 3 Year Olds

Because of the 15 year age difference between my oldest daughter (Avery) and my youngest (Kate), we are often in unusual situations.  For instance, Avery was the only one of her friends that had a toddler sibling at prom photos this past week.  (The photo above is Avery and Kate walking up to meet the rest of the group for photos before the prom.)  Some others had siblings there, but they were all within 5 years of each other.  Because of this, Kate is kind of an anomaly for the group.  A cute anomaly.  All the “big kids” as we call them, know Kate and adore her.  They wanted her in their prom photos and some wanted to take individual photos with her.  She’s like their little mascot.

On the other hand, Kate is the only one of her preschool friends with teenage sisters/siblings.  None of her friends even know the word “prom,” much less what it means.  She knows about shopping for prom dresses, prom shoes, getting prom dresses altered, prom hair and makeup.  She knows about high school, football games (went to her first football game at 2 weeks old), basketball games, driving (she is the only one in preschool who has sisters who can drive), pep rallies (she went to her first pep rally at a month old).  Kate has definitely experienced life much differently than most of her same age peers.

Because of all this, Kate seems much older than she really is.  For one, she is unusually large for her age – she is 3 years old and wears a size 6 in children’s clothes.  (I know this will end – I was the tallest kid in all of 4th grade and peeked there.)  Also Kate speaks like a child that is older than 3.  I’m not saying she crazy-smart, but she has always been around adults or teenagers and thus, tries to keep up in those conversations.  The down side of this is that she probably knows things and words that a 3 year old should not!

I know our family is not the “norm,” but I love the mix of ages between the girls.  Having such a young sister has also brought a different perspective to the big girls.  Brooke was just saying last night that she can’t believe that Kate is not a baby anymore and how she has her own little personality now.  Time flies for all of us!

Today all 3 girls are my favorites for letting me experience all their different stages through my eyes and now through them watching Kate grow up.

Daily tally:

Avery +10/-3, Brooke +11/-2, Kate +13/-5


15 thoughts on “Proms and 3 Year Olds

  1. Great to see another post from you! I looked last week just to make sure I wasn’t missing something in my feed. 🙂
    What a great pair they are. I think having a big sister is such an asset, no matter the age. It varies what they learn from her, but the basics (vocab, manners, etc) are always there. Fun experiences for Kate for sure!

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    1. Yes, I have been MIA for about a month. Busy times!! Yes it’s always fun to see what Kate learns from the big girls. Recently she has started telling them that “You are so embarrassing.” Turned their own words to each other back in them!


  2. You’re such an amazing blogger ❤️️
    I loved reading this so much.
    It isn’t relatable, it isn’t a life lesson neither is it something that would even remotely have an influence on my life.😆
    And yet, I find myself craving for more ✨
    Kate sounds like a very bright kid ☺️
    Ps, you got yourself another follower 😁 looking forward to more posts!

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