My Artist

Brooke (15 yrs. old) has always been into art.  She will do any kind of art: painting, drawing, sculpture, knitting, etc…  She’s always been pretty good at it too.  This is a painting she did for her grandmother to put in her beach house.  She first did a small version to work out the details, and then did the larger version to give away.

Unfortunately for Brooke, I have not been good about helping her pursue her talent.  She has chosen to do gymnastics, horseback riding, and cheerleading that has taken up a great deal of time.  Now she has taken up golf as well.  However, she is at a school now that has an International Baccalaureate program and art is part of the IB course offerings.  Therefore, she will take art the next 3 years.  I am excited about the possibilities and what she will learn and create.

Brooke is my favorite today for the art she has already filled our lives with and the future art she will bless us with : )

Daily tally:

Avery +9/-3, Brooke +10/-2, Kate +12/-5, Me 0/-1

5 thoughts on “My Artist

    1. Oh the tally is who is my favorite or least favorite for the day. The points accumulate. So if someone is the favorite they get a positive point. If they are least favorite they get a negative point. I know it’s a bit crude but all done in jest and fun😊

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