How much do i lie?

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OK Danny at Dream Big Dream Often got me thinking today. He posted a question for his readers, “How much do you lie?”

Right off I think, “I’m a good person. Of course I don’t lie. This doesn’t even apply to me.”  But…….as I thought a little more I realized that I DO lie…… Wait.  I lie a lot…….. I am a big fat liar!!!

Okay, so I am not having an affair or living a double life. But evidently I am constant telling lies. Like “dinner will be ready in a few minutes” when it’s really like half an hour. “I don’t know anything about _____” when I really do, but can’t say so as not to betray trust. “I’ll be off the phone/computer in just a minute.” More like 20 minutes. With kids I feel like I am constantly telling white lies. Does it count if they aren’t really lies when I say them, but become lies in a few minutes when I don’t do something?

As I thought even more about this, I realized I tell BIG lies too!  I forgot how I lie about Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny….   And I go to great lengths to perpetuate these lies.  I once whittled a miniature fairy wand because Brooke wrote a note and asked the Tooth Fairy for one of her wands.  The “Tooth Fairy” once wrote Avery a note to tell her she wasn’t getting any money for her tooth because she didn’t brush her teeth well enough.   I lie about shots not hurting, medicine not tasting bad, the effects of eating too much sugar….   Motherhood is filled with lies!!😥 Oh, the web of lies I have woven!!!

So thanks Danny!  I now know I am a BIG. FAT. LIAR!!!

Today I am my own least favorite : (

Daily tally:

Avery +8/-3, Brooke +9/-2, Kate +12/-5, Me 0/-1




12 thoughts on “How much do i lie?

  1. Great and my response would have been stated, on an as needed basis not even thinking of all the downright lies I’ve told my daughter. Wait until they get older and ask you did you have you ever done that as a teenager….

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  2. I have had the same reaction to my questions. What many people might not realize is my questions come from inside me. So when I ask them that means I’ve been kicking the question around as a self-analysis for days. So I’m with you…My name is Danny and I’m a big, fat liar. lol

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