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If you have not traveled with a three year old lately, take my word for it that it is an adventure!  We recently went on a road trip with our three girls and just got home today.  A trip that usually takes other people 5.5 to 6 hours, took us 9.  Yes 9 hours.  In the car.  5 people.  2 teenagers, 1 toddler, 2 adults.  Use your imagination here…..

Kate (3) and Brooke (15) are prone to car sickness and it’s not unusual to have to pull over for one of them to vomit.  We have learned dramamine is our friend : )  On our trip today, it was Brooke who was struggling with nausea, especially through the “hairpin” turns in the mountains.  We stopped for her 2 times : (  

When all was said and done, we made 5 stops on the way back and got lost once.  Getting lost in the mountains is no joke!  We had no cell service so GPS was not an option.  Unfortunately we have grown so dependent on GPS that we didn’t have a paper map.  So we just wondered for a while.  We wound up on one of the curviest roads I have ever been on!  Normally that would be fun, but with two tender stomachs in the back, it was not so much fun.

When we take a trip, there is always a good bit of bickering between the girls and aggravating each other.  Fun way for me to pass the time as a referee.(note the sarcasm)  There was one rather heated argument about the car temperature, and another where Kate thought Avery was making fun of her – she probably was.  At one point, Kate found a little zip pouch of Brooke’s that had pads (the female kind) in them and thought it was great fun to hold one up and sing and make funny faces.  Brooke was horrified.

Probably my least favorite thing about any road trip is stopping for bathroom breaks.  First of all, the bathrooms are often questionable in the cleanliness department.  I have to remind Kate, “Don’t touch anything!  Hands on your knees, not the potty!”  Second of all, trying to use the bathroom yourself while with a three year old is like an olympic sport.  I try to hover over the toilet, so as not to touch it.  Try just holding that position for a while and see how the thigh muscles feel. While taking care of business, Kate is either hitting me on the head, touching random things in the stall (and getting infected with all sorts of bathroom bacteria), or trying to open the door so everyone in the bathroom can see me.  Needless to say, I can go pretty fast now!

Today, Kate wins the “least favorite” distinction for her bathroom shenanigans.

Daily tally:

Avery +8/-3, Brooke +9/-2, Kate +12/-5




9 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. I remember those days, long ago. My daughter who is now 38 used to take all her clothing off as I was driving and my two sons thought it was hysterical. I don’t remember how many times I had to pull over, put her clothing back on and put her back in her car seat (they were not safety seats like now days) and then back on the road until she managed to undress again. Now that was frustration. Of course now it’s a funny family memory. ☺☺☺

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  2. I get tired just reading your words! I’m sure when I was your age I went through some fun times but not with THREE GIRLS. One memory that surfaced as I was reading was a time when my family of four were in the mountains. Heath was 3 & Liz was 9. Heath told me he didn’t feel good so I sat in the back seat and held him. He was facing me with his head on my chest. He first said his stomach hurt. Then he asked me if he could die with a stomach ache. Next he threw up all over my yellow shirt….purple grape juice. We stopped at a store & asked to use their bathroom. People were nice & I was covered in vomit. Threw the shirt away and Heath felt much better and has lived to remember it!!
    Things are quieter now since children have grown up. I miss those times but I hardly have the energy to even read your words or remember some things we went through. Thanks for sharing. Always makes me feel like I’m with you. Hope to see you again soon. Pcb

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    1. Guess we all have those times! This is the first trip in a while that we didn’t ride with the smell of vomit on someone at least half the way. I consider that a victory!😊


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