How badly do you want to swim?


We recently visited a ski resort with our family to get in some late-season skiing.  It was incredibly cold for March and even snowed one entire day while we were there.  The resort has some pools that we had access to: some indoor, some outdoor, some indoor/outdoor.  Which do you think our children wanted to access?

The indoor/outdoor of course!  Part of it is inside and then there is a little passage way that you can swim through to go to the outside part.  The outside part is heated, but still your head has to be out of the water.  It was soooo cold!!!  The wind was whipping and Avery said that ice started to form on her hair as she was in the outdoor part of the pool!  When anyone got out the pool on the outside part, steam would pour off of them for the few seconds they could stand it before jumping back into the water!  You have to REALLY want to swim to do this!!!  Me, not so much.  I just watched.  From the inside : )

My favorites today are Avery and Kate for their EXTREME desire to swim – even in these conditions!  Crazy girls!!!

Daily tally:

Avery +8/-3, Brooke +9/-2, Kate +12/-4



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