Prom Drama

Holy Moly!  Shopping for a prom dress is a lot like work…… hard work!  Avery’s prom is not until April, but in high school world you can not wait around.  We went shopping at a local dress shop last weekend and found two dresses that Avery liked – a red one and a light blue one.  However, she couldn’t decide which one she really liked and decided to just wait and think about it.

We were able to take photos of her in the dresses and spent Saturday evening through Monday looking back through these and making her decision.  She decided on the red dress and asked me to call and order her size on Tuesday.  I called Tuesday and ordered the dress and paid a deposit of half the price.

Great, right? Nope……..  It was not 5 minutes later that the dress shop called me back and said that she couldn’t have that dress because on Monday another girl from her school had come in and ordered the same dress in the same color.  WHAT?  So the dress shop keeps a log of every dress they sale and what school’s prom the girl will be attending.  They will not sale the same dress/color combo to go to the same prom.  Who even knew this was a thing!!????  What horror it must be to wind up at a prom and someone else may have the same dress!!!  #firstworldproblems

So our choices were 1)Avery could get the same dress in a different color, or 2)she could get a completely different dress.

My vote was to get the dress in a different color since she loved it so much and it looked lovely on her.  Well, that was met with a big, fat NOOOO!  Although she didn’t know who had bought the dress, she was afraid that it may be one of the “mean girls” and didn’t know if the girl would confront her or say something bad about her that night of the prom.  Because of this, she felt that she would be on high alert all night and wouldn’t really enjoy the prom.

Part of me wanted to say “get over yourself!”  But the other part said, “I can get how you feel that way.”  I worked in high school many years and I can say that one of the enduring lessons I learned is that there is not much in the world any meaner than a teenage girl!  They are vicious!!  It is true “survival of the fittest” in the high school world.  It’s just one step away from cannibalism.  I am not saying that my two girls are above this either – they can morph into an exorcist-like creature at any moment, spinning head and all!

So I understand not wanting to “evoke the beast” of another teenage girl on prom night.  Sad, but true.  However, this did not make my life any easier.  After about two hours of tears, Avery decided that we would try to look for a new dress.

With schedules of work and two other kids, it took over a week before we could find time to go shopping again.  The problem was that she had fallen in LOVE with the first dress, and no other dress was going to live up to it.  Some of her criteria for a new dress were:

  • the dress could not be beaded or have any shinning gems on it.
  • it could not have a high neck or anything that fit around the neck/throat.
  • it could not be mermaid shaped.
  • it could not be out of stiff fabric.
  • it could not be too low cut.
  • it needed to be a bright red – no other color was going to do after the first dress.
  • it had to be a solid color – no florals or designs.
  • it could not be a ball gown style.
  • it could not be strapless.

I DARE you to go to a dress shop and try to find a prom dress that fits all these criteria.  Whoever can should win some type of prize.  It’s like finding a unicorn!!

Long story, short – we found the black dress pictured and she liked it enough to get it.  It even has a beaded top – craziness!  However, she is still lamenting about how much better she liked the first dress and wished she had bought it that day : (  What’s worse is that when we got home with the black dress, Avery put the dress on again to try with some shoes and to show it to her 15 year old sister, Brooke.  In true competitive sister style, Brooke told her she didn’t like the dress…….  I wanted to lay down and cry!!!  She had no idea how much I had gone through to get Avery to buy a dress – any dress!  Brooke’s response was, “Should I lie to her about if I like the dress?”  My response was – YES!  Yes, you should lie!  We have bought a non-refundable prom dress.  Yes, PLEASE LIE!!

Avery is my favorite and least favorite today at the same time.  Favorite because I sympathize with the drama and angst of being a teenage girl.  Least favorite because I am on the receiving end of all the angst and drama : )

Daily tally:

Avery +6/-3, Brooke +9/-2, Kate +9/-4

The black dress above and below is the one we bought.  The red dress pictured was the “ONE.”  Also, there are some other of the contenders.


9 thoughts on “Prom Drama

  1. The dress she picked out is beautiful! I’m glad she was able to find something. And I’m actually surprised at that shop. Prom isn’t as big here in Canada as it is in the US (I think), but I can only imagine finding a perfect dress and showing up with someone else wearing it. That’s a great idea by the store – even if it is super inconvenient for the girls who have fallen in love with the dress.

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  2. Omg…. I’d want to poke my eyeballs out! You did well, mama… I’m sure proms these days are a bit out of control – they won’t sell the same dress?! I mean, I see their reasoning, and maybe I’d have wanted that back in HS, too. But wow. And all of these emotions Avery must be feeling – I wonder how she’ll feel in one year looking back at all this!

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    1. High school is out of control these days. And having two teenage girls can be rough! There is somebody 😭 crying at my house on every day that ends in “y”! Ok, it feels like that anyway😉


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