Thursday Funny…..


A few days ago, Kate was playing in the front yard and this is what I found her doing…..

She said she was “exercising,” but it looks a lot like falling down to me.  This girl makes me LAUGH!

Clearly I am not exercising much for her to have this impression that that is exercising.  Perhaps I should start….

Today Kate is my favorite just for this video : )

Daily tally:

Avery +4/-2, Brooke +9/-2, Kate +9/-4, Front Porch +1/0


10 thoughts on “Thursday Funny…..

  1. LMAO!!! Kate is hilarious!! She’s testing her own physical limits, which is great!! Actually, learning how to fall safely is an important part of gymnastics, which is exercise… Lol, I’m stretching it… What a great video!! I think I need to share this on FB if that’s okay … my mommy friends will enjoy this!

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