Last night we had one of those rare moments, when the big girls were not only getting along, but they were helping each other.  For those of you that have more than one teenage girl, you know these occurrences are rare.  When I say rare, I mean total eclipse of the moon rare.  Hallie’s comet rare!  

Teenage girls can fight about anything.  A – NY – THING!  Some of the things they have fought over include:

  • You took my……….clothes, shoes, shampoo, brush, deodorant, makeup, razor, socks, snack, jacket, belt, spot on the couch, blanket, ice cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, pads, Q-tips, towel, sunscreen, fork, cup, idea, …….. infinity symbol goes here.
  • You are being……… too loud, rude, manipulative, critical, selfish, annoying, a brat, judgemental…
  • Others include: You are breathing too loud, you are just singing that song to annoy me, you ate the last piece just because you knew I wanted it, …….

I have heard each and every one of these above, at least once.  Most of them, multiple times.

However, please let me bask in the glow of the picture here.  Brooke had her first Spanish test the next day and Avery was helping her study since she has taken multiple levels of Spanish.  Parenting WIN!!  Not only was Avery willing to help her sister, but Brooke was accepting help.  I don’t know if any of the rest of you felt it, but the stars must have been aligned last night!!

I have to say with all their bickering back and forth, they really are good girls.  They make good grades, have nice friends, make good choices.  We really are blessed to have them as our daughters.

Today, both Avery and Brooke are my favorites.

Daily tally:

Avery +5/-2, Brooke +10/-2, Kate +8/-4


9 thoughts on “Homework 

  1. My sister is three years older than me and I used to hate it when she tried to help me with homework. We would always end up bickering. Now I have a daughter, who also hates having anyone help her or correct her. What goes around comes around!

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  2. About the ages of 15 and 13 our girls figured out that life was a lot happier when they got along. Won’t go into the episode that prompted this revelation. Then my big job was to remind them that they both had to work at it and accept the other’s foibles. Now in their 30s and living on two different continents, they are still the best of friends.

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