Dear Future Self

Brooke was a cheerleader for two years in middle school.  However, she decided that in high school, she would try other activities and not do cheerleading.  So as her friends tried out for the cheerleading team, she chose to play golf in the fall.  However, when golf season was over, the cheer team had some open slots.  There were some girls who were no longer on the team and the cheer coach asked Brooke if she would join the Varsity Cheer Team for basketball season.

Brooke struggled back and forth for a couple of days as to whether she wanted to do this.  It is her first year of high school and her courses are more challenging than she has ever had before – she is taking an AP class as a freshman.  I told her that I would support whatever she wanted to do.  (Our oldest daughter had been a varsity cheerleader and I knew the time commitment it would take.  Sometimes 3 games a week and getting home very late on school nights).  Ultimately, Brooke decided to join the cheer team but immediately was stressed about taking on too much and not being able to balance school work with cheerleading.  

Truth is – she has done fine with school.  However, she is a perfectionist and stresses herself out if everything isn’t exactly right and she knows all the answers to anything that could possibly be on any assessment.  After she joined the team, she was constantly telling me that she can’t do cheer next year because it’s all too stressful.  She told me that no matter what she did, she wanted me to not allow her to try out next year – yep, wants me to be the bad guy.

The funny part of this was when she was adamantly telling me that I needed to stop her from doing cheer, I asked her what she could do to make sure she didn’t become weak and do  cheer again, she suggested a video.  A video to her future self, so in case she gets upset with me, she can just watch the video of her stating the reasons not to cheer.  (A little “Back to the Future….”)

So I got the duty of filming the video to future-Brooke.  The video is of Brooke speaking into the camera to her future self.  On the video she says something like this:

“Don’t do cheer because you’re stressed out about homework and……. you’d rather do horseback riding and….. it gives you social anxiety and…… you don’t like it.  And you can’t do it!  No matter who convinces you.  You’re not allowed to.  You already have things planned out.  You’re not allowed to do it.  Mama’s not going to let you do it – hold you down, make you cry kind of stuff!  So…. you’re not doing it.  You should be focusing on homework, yourself, horseback riding….. whatever else is better than that ’cause you’re not doing it.”

I love how she makes me the bad guy in this scenario!  It hasn’t even happened yet, but I am somehow the bad guy.  I guess she needs me to be the bad guy – to enforce the rules.  Provide structure.

Boy, this kid makes me laugh!!  Who would have thought to make a video to your future-self.  FUN-NY!  Thus, Brooke is my favorite today.

Daily tally:

Avery +4/-2, Brooke +9/-2, Kate +8/-4

4 thoughts on “Dear Future Self

  1. We all fall victim to those things we think at the time will make us happy. But ultimately we want guidance from someone else. Not to make them the bad guy but to remind us of what is important.

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