Mixed-up Bible Stories

Our 3 year old, Kate, goes to a church preschool 3 half days a week.  We also attend Sunday School and Church services on Sunday.  Because of this she is learning quite a bit about the Bible.  Yay!

However, her stories are not always accurate.  Okay, so they are rarely accurate.  Tonight as we were driving in the car she said, “Grandma said God’s two brothers made a spiky crown for him.  Then God died.  Who were his two brothers?”

So much wrong there I didn’t really know how to begin.  I told her that it was Jesus, not God, because I think she’s a little young to actually grasp the trinity thing.  Also, that it wasn’t his two brothers that did this.  Then she asked why they made blood on his head.  I told her that there were some people who didn’t like Jesus, so they did this.

She told me earlier in the week about Jonah and the lion’s den.  Then she told me about “Mosef” and the ark.  A bit mixed up, but she getting the gist of things – especially for a 3 year old.  Hopefully this will all get sorted up as she gets older.

My older two girls did the same kind of thing when they were younger.  They didn’t correctly know the name of “Relevlations” so they called it “Revolutions.”  Then they started quoting the Bible – well sort of.  They would make a statement and act like it came from the Bible – but really they made it up.

My favorite was “Do not feed the animals,” from the book of Dennis.  Yes, you heard it.  The book of Dennis.  They later told me he was a Dentist.  So Dennis the Dentist.  Perhaps it’s in the Apocrypha…..  

What I loved is when they “quoted” a made up scripture, they said with such authority and even named the chapter and book.  “Do not feed the animals, Dennis 12:14.”  Gotta love that!  If someone didn’t know the Bible, they may even buy that story about their made-up verses : )

Today Kate is my favorite for reminding me of these other cute stories and how the girls learn and grow in their faith.

Daily tally:

Avery +4/-2, Brooke +6/-2, Kate +8/-3, Barbie Dream House 0/-1



7 thoughts on “Mixed-up Bible Stories

  1. Oh, my goodness! Memories! My children are older now and I’ve actually started telling them the other one is my favorite when they’re teasing me too much. The running family joke is that their friends are actually my favorites…
    (And they do eventually sort out the Bible stories, so write down the mix-ups now so you can all laugh about it together when they’re almost all grown up. *sniff*)
    Blessings, Leigh

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