What’s wrong in this picture?

This is a picture of the bathroom in the Barbie Dream House that Kate got for Christmas.  She loves it and I am recruited to play with her and the house often these days.  As I was playing with her the other day, it dawned on me that I do not remember my dollhouses having toilets when I grew up…..  Maybe they did, but I just don’t remember.

This is a little troubling to me.  I understand all the other rooms and the furniture….  The kitchen has the table, refrigerator, stove.  The Barbies can make food, have dinner parties, etc…..  The family room has the TV, couch, etc….  I can understand and easily come up with stories to role play in that room.

Then we get to the bathroom…..  I am fine with the Barbies taking baths, washing their faces at the sink, brushing their teeth….  But do we have to role play using the toilet?  That just seems a little weird.  I can’t think of a storyline where I work in the toilet.  Maybe Barbie leaves Ken in the family room for a while after they just went to a Mexican restaurant?  Awkward…..

I know that the bathroom would not be complete without the toilet, but does it have to be a free-standing toilet with a lid that goes up and down?  Couldn’t we just put a picture of the toilet on the wall?  Less temptation there to actually USE the toilet while playing dolls.  I just don’t want to have the Barbies take a poop as part of our playing.  Anyone else with me?  Maybe I’m just a prude.  I would rather Barbie be making out with Ken than taking a poop!

Today, Barbie Dream House you are my least favorite.  Yes, you are beautiful and glorious with your 3 stories, elevator, garage and furniture.  But the free-standing toilet is too much for me : )

Daily tally:

Avery +4/-2, Brooke +6/-2, Kate +7/-3, Barbie Dream House 0/-1



21 thoughts on “What’s wrong in this picture?

    1. Funny! And so true – if they want kids to role play going to the toilet, you are right, where is the toilet paper? It is Barbie’s house, not Ken’s, and they MUST have toilet paper. Maybe we should call Matel…..


  1. You may be projecting your knowledge and experience of toilets into any scenario that could happen in a Barbie Dream House. I would think that there is probably not a Mexican restaurant backstory to anyone’s barbie roll playing. If there is, you may want to do some research in your area to see if you can get you kid into a screenwriting workshop. They are creative and imaginative.

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