Breaking Things – Parts 4 & 5

Okay, first and obvious question:  Why is there a sequel to “Breaking Things!!!?”  If you are new to the blog, there have been other “Breaking Thing” episodes (Oh, Its a Breaking Thing, Breaking Thing – Part 2, Breaking Thing – Part 3).  And…… THIS SHOULD NOT BE A SERIES.

But…. when you have a 3 year old, many things that happen are not planned.  So today, Kate got hold of two porcelain figurines: a turtle that I am not really sure where it came from, and later a painted clay bird from Nicaragua.  

Honestly, I had allowed her to play with the turtle – my fault.  She has used it as a toy for quite some time now and has done a good job preserving it – until now.  She dropped it on the kitchen floor and the turtle is now dead.  RIP turtle.  We had no real attachment to the turtle – it was something that was just around, probably super old and I don’t really know where it came from.

Later in the day, I was trying to get Kate to take a bath.  She was not being a good listener and as I was asking her to start taking off her clothes, she walked to her father’s vanity and grabbed a small clay bird.  I was a bit frustrated at this point – she had already broken the turtle earlier in the day – and I went to take it out of her hand.  As I did, she dropped it on the tile floor instead.  Yes.  The bird died too.

I was a little more upset about the bird breaking than the turtle.  First, it was the second thing she had broken in one day.  Secondly, I had bought the bird from a boy (around age 8) on the street in Granada, Nicaragua a few years ago.  He was obviously trying to make money for his family and was not attending school in the middle of the day during a weekday.  I grossly overpaid for the bird – which was also a whistle – to make a donation to this child.  So I had a bit more attachment to the bird than the turtle.  RIP sweet bird and my apologies to this child in Nicaragua.  If any of you make it to Granada soon, please feel free to send me another of these small birds : )

However, I realize that it’s really my fault.  Why, oh why, do I try to have “breaking things” in a house with a 3 year old?  It is really pointless.  We should only have plastic or rubber items in the house for the next few years – all of our dishes/glasses should be plastic, our picture frames should be plastic, etc…  Maybe one day, we can live like regular people again and bring out the glass items, pottery,  china, and other breaking things…..

Today, Kate is my least favorite for creating the “Breaking Thing” series.  Stay tuned.  There could be a new installment soon : (

Daily tally:

Avery +3/-2, Brooke +5/-2, Kate +5/-3

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