Thought I Had Heard It All….

This really just happened….SMH
Yesterday Kate (3 yr. old) had a pair of earbuds and before I could get to her to take them away, she started slinging them around.   As she was doing so, one of the earbuds hit Avery (17 yr. old) in the eye.  OUCH!  I know it had to HURT!  Of course it hurt.
Avery said it hurt and complained about it for a couple of hours.  Again, I know she was hurting, but she does have the tendency to be quite dramatic.
The next day, Avery and I were in my car when she started complaining again.  Then she said it.  “I’m going to have to get a fake eye!!!”  
What?  No really.  What?  Did I just hear that.  I know her eye hurt, but REALLY?  A fake eye?  DRAMA.  Wow…….  Never thought I would hear that…..
So today, Avery is my least favorite for her excessive drama.  But she is also my favorite because I do feel bad for her and know she hurts.

Daily tally:

Avery +3/-2, Brooke +5/-2, Kate +5/-2


12 thoughts on “Thought I Had Heard It All….

  1. Hmm, she should have been complaining about the eye the next day. If she continues to complain tell her you’re going to take her to the eye doctor. If she shuts up about it, she was wanting sympathy, if she’s glad then there is something wrong.

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