Midnight “Veast”

A few nights ago, it was just me and the three girls for dinner (ages 17, 15 and 3) at home.  Before we could even finish, Kate (3 yr old) kept turning off the lights and saying she wanted to play “Midnight Veast.”  I think she was trying to say “Midnight Beast,” but that’s what kept coming out.

Evidently this is a game she made up with her sisters, and bless them, they indulge her and play.  However this was my first venture into Midnight Veast.  The game goes a little like this:

  • First, you turn off all the lights in the family room, kitchen and dining room.
  • Someone has to be picked to be the “Veast.”
  • The “hunters” have to sit at the kitchen table and pretend to be asleep until Kate tell us it’s time to wake up and hunt the Veast.
  • Then we hunt for the Veast with a fishing pole that is a bendy straw and have dish towels on our heads because they are “invisibility towels.”
  • The hunters creep around until they find the Veast, and then run like a crazy person back to the kitchen table!

Okay, so it’s a modified form of old fashioned “chase.”  Remember a three year old came up with this.  

Another fun part of the game is the person who is playing the Veast has to growl-howl.  No, not actually make growling and howling noises.  Instead Kate told us that the Veast says the words “growl-howl, growl-howl.”  Funny!  This little bossy pants knows what she wants!  I don’t know what she will eventually become in life, but I am betting that whatever it is, she will be in charge.

We played Midnight Veast for about 45 minutes.  Four of us running around our dark house like idiots, with dish towels on our heads and holding straws – but idiots that are having fun.

All three girls are my favorites today.  Kate for coming up with the game.  Avery and Brooke for indulging their little sister and playing a silly game – especially when the majority of their lives is spent trying to look cool to their friends and the rest of the world.

Daily tally:

Avery +2/-1, Brooke +5/-2, Kate +5/-2


6 thoughts on “Midnight “Veast”

  1. My brother and I at age…maybe 6 and 8, used to play a made up game called, “Oh no you don’t”. Don’t remember all the rules but one of us would be lying on the couch, the other lying on the floor. The person on the couch had eyes closed and the object of the game was to say “Oh, no you don’t” before the person on the floor got up and tagged the person on the couch. Now doesn’t that sound like fun? If y’all get bored give me a call and we can play “Oh, no you don’t.” Love your stories about the girls. You’re a great mom.

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