My World….

As I put Kate to bed tonight, we were snuggling and I was telling her I loved her like I do every night.  Then I said:

Me: You are my world.

Kate: I know. (Then she smiled and closed her eyes)

I am glad that she feels confident and secure in knowing that she is loved.  It’s hard to know if children really know what love means.  We have told them that we love them since the day they were born – before even.  But what do they think, when we say those words?

At 3 years old, I think Kate knows a little about it.  She knows that we say it to each other, especially when we want to express how much we like someone or like being around them.  But what does she truly know about love?  What does she think it means versus “like?”

But…….. I am probably overthinking this whole thing – like adults often do.  Kate, like most children, simply loves.  She doesn’t question the motives, or what it means.  She doesn’t analyze it.  Instead she trusts.  She accepts.  She loves.  It’s refreshing to be with a child and see things through their eyes.

Kate is my favorite today for her pure, untainted love and acceptance of love from others.

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-1, Brooke +4/-2, Kate +4/-2

8 thoughts on “My World….

  1. Aw I love this(: I share this same type of bond with my parents and all I can say is that your kids are very lucky to have such loving parents. My parents used to sing “you are my sunshine” every night to me(: aw I love this post and its making me remember such good memories! Have a wonderful day!

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