Honey Cookies!

My 15 year old daughter Brooke has taken up cooking!  Yay!!!  This is her latest creation – Honey Cookies.  They are amazing!  She can’t take credit for the recipe – she found it on the internet – but amazing nonetheless.

This “cooking thing” (for a lack of better terms) is something that has evolved over the last year or so.  When I walk by and she is watching something on her phone, 9 times out of 10 she is watching cooking.  Someone cooking a cake, bread, pasta, etc…  She even asked for a food processor for Christmas.  She truly loses time while engrossed in the world of cooking.

What’s interesting is that she has let it slip that this is her “bliss.”  I say that because I don’t think even she consciously thought that at first.  But I have noticed her saying several times lately, “I am really stressed about ……..  I need to cook something,” or “I need to calm down.  I am going to bake (x, y, z).”  After I noticed it, I probed a bit more about how she felt about cooking.  She confirmed that it calmed her down and helped her relax.  However, I don’t think she really recognized it before we talked about it.

It’s currently Brooke’s freshman year of high school and midterm exams are about to start.  So…… currently we have brownies, traditional fudge, peanut butter fudge, and honey cookies.  Concrete proof of the stress she is feeling.  The sad part is that a lot of her cooking gets thrown out.  Our family likes sweets, but we will eat it once, usually the day she makes it, and then we are done.  She’s the same way.  We really should start giving some of these things to the neighbors!  (Pat I will call you when we have extra brownies!)

Brooke is my favorite today.  May she only moderately stress – enough to cook for us, but not enough to fatten us all up!

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-1, Brooke +4/-2, Kate +3/-2, Fireplace/Marshmallows +1/0

11 thoughts on “Honey Cookies!

  1. She’s starting young! You’ve got a blooming baker on your hand and that’s so wonderful that she’s recognising baking with being therapeutic. 😊 On the other hand, stress = more food on the table. Most times a good thing! 😉

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  2. This is so funny to me. In describing Brooke, you have described me exactly. I LOVE to cook. Ask your dad. I take pies or cookies every week to Rotary to reward a Rotarian for something. I cook at home even when I am EXTREMELY tired just because I enjoy it so much. I love to cook at the beach and 9 times out of 10 I am not looking at FB to stalk but looking at recipes. I have them saved in every part of my phone. Brooke and I should get together! But we have the same problem….we can’t eat but so much. I just gave Mike and Anita some soup because I made a big pot during the ice storm. Way too much for me and Mickey. Wish we were still neighbors. Brooke and I could do a neighborhood party. Thanks for sharing. Love your stories and, yes, bring on the brownies….only if she cooks them like you.

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    1. Okay, so I’m now joining Rotary. Wish we were still neighbors too!! We have empty lots next to us….. We have got to get you guys over soon! Thank you for reading my crazy life stories : )


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