Twizzle the Elf 

My sweet, sweet Brooke!  She has always been my child with surprises.  The things she thinks and comes up with continue to amaze me.

I broke down a few years back and purchased an “Elf on the Shelf” against my better judgement.  It is a fun thing to do with kids, but for a mom who doesn’t need one more thing to remember, it became a chore.   There were days at the time when Twizzle, our elf, didn’t move locations at all.  I told the girls that he must have been really comfy in that spot and liked it – so he stayed.

Brooke at one point got the idea that it would be fun to write little notes to Twizzle each night.  I would NOT encourage this!  Twizzle had to respond every night to questions about his favorite food, what he wanted for Christmas, his favorite song, etc….  As a result of asking what he wanted for Christmas, Twizzle once wrote to Brooke that he wanted boots.

To my amazement, this child MADE BOOTS for her elf.  She took felt, needle and thread and crafted a pair of boots for him.  The next year, she made him a coat – green felt with white fur trim.  Again, hand-stitched.  The third year, she knitted him a little red scarf.

I had no idea that she would do any of this.  Brooke is now 15 and no longer believes in the elf’s magic – but her 3 year old sister does, so she keeps up the charade.  Twizzle still wears all his hand-made designer clothes.  I am positive that all the other elves are EXTREMELY jealous of his couture attire!

Brooke is my favorite today for her creativity and ingenuity!

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-1, Brooke +3/-2, Kate +1/-1

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