Breaking Think – Part 3

Why am I writing a third part of the “Breaking Thing” series?  Why is it a trilogy?  WHY?

If you have not been with me long, you may want to reference “Oh, It’s a Breaking Thing,” or “Breaking Thing – Part 2.”   As the photo shows, one of the sheep in the nativity scene had a rough Christmas season.  He began the year with 3 legs intact.  Now……he’s a quadriplegic.  I don’t even know how to repair this.  Normally I give it a try with the super glue……..He is just in too many parts.  It’s not even worth the effort this time.

This time!  Why I am I even saying “this time!?”  This should not be a regular occurrence!!  

I really have to take responsibility here……I DO allow Kate (our 3 year old) to play with these.  My reasoning – why have things around the house that are “off limits?”  I know there are some things that should be off limits, like the stove, the garbage disposal…..knives.  But when you put out figurines – that look like toys – out for the holidays and then tell kids not to touch them, that’s kinda wrong.  It’s a subtle form of torture.  How would we feel if someone put out an amazing dessert on a plate and expect us to continue to walk by it and never taste it?

Nevertheless, I always hope that IF she plays with them, they weather the storm and  remain intact.   Truth be told – I don’t really mind that much.  One day, when my kids are older and out of the house, I will look at this rough bunch of nativity animals and recall fond memories.  They will tell a story : )

Today, my favorite and least favorite is Kate for her demolition of the sheep.

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-1, Brooke +3/-2, Kate +2/-2


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