Pink Eye

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Ok, so finding an image of “pink eye” is pretty challenging – well an image you are willing to post anyway.  If you search for pink eye, the images that come up are…..disturbing at best.  Painful just to look at!  Thus, I spared you the  experience of viewing that.  If you truly want to see, go to Google and be my guest.

Kate had “pink eye” this week.  Not in one eye, but in both!  This stuff comes on fast too!  

She went to preschool and looked fine that morning.  When she was picked up at noon, her eyes were swollen and matting up.  I was able to call and get a doctor appointment for her that afternoon.  Unfortunately by that point, both her eyes were almost swollen shut!  Poor baby!  It was awful to look at.  But she stayed cheerful through the whole thing – my little trooper!  

So now….. guess who has pink eye?  Yep.  Me…….

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So today, Kate is my favorite for enduring and staying cheerful and positive through Pink Eye.

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-1, Brooke +2/-2, Kate +1/-1

18 thoughts on “Pink Eye

  1. Ugh! Sorry to hear that. Pink eye is absolutely horrid!

    A few years ago, my oldest son got it. Naturally, my younger son ended up getting it a week later.

    But the fun didn’t end until I, too, got a turn…for my birthday. It really was the gift that kept right on giving. 😬


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