Please take a picture with me!

The photo above shows me trying to get Kate to take a picture with me when we went to see a holiday play.  I had to drag her over to take the photo with me.  I rarely have any photos with the girls, because I am always the one behind the camera taking the pictures.

Because of this, when I actually do try to get a photo with them, they freak out.  Its like the world is off kilter!  Mommy can’t actually BE IN the picture!  She’s supposed to be TAKING the picture.  Always.  The struggle is real.

So one day when I die and they play that photo montage at the funeral…….these are the types of photos people will see.  Me dragging my 3 year old over to take a photo.  Me with a half-faced selfie because the girls won’t be still long enough for a photo with me.  A shadow of me taking a photo.  My leg, hand, arm randomly in a photo…..  Good luck to the children trying to get that photo show together!

Because of their constant reluctance to ever have a presentable photo with me, all 3 girls are my least favorites today.

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-1, Brooke +2/-2, Kate 0/-1


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