Eleven Halves

You have to love Brooke.  Sweet, sweet Brooke.  Sweet, concrete, literate Brooke.  She is very intelligent, but very concrete – sometimes too smart and common sense items escape her.  Or we call them her “blonde moments.”

Another one just happened.  Another “Brooke Moment.”

She loves to cook.  Specifically to bake.  She constantly watches cooking/baking videos on YouTube, Instagram, etc…  She loves it!  Its her “crack.”

She’s also kind of snobby about what she cooks.  When she makes a cake, it has to be from scratch – no cake mixes for her.  I, however, am not above the assistance of Betty Crocker.  She is also very ambitious with what she cooks – she made homemade caramel this Christmas season!  Who even knew this could be made in the home.  It thought only magical elves could make things like caramel and marshmallows!

But all this does not intimidate Brooke.  She goes full steam ahead.  She will try to cook anything.  ANYTHING.  She says that cooking is a stress reliever for her.

Recently, she has attempted several homemade cakes.  They didn’t turn out very well and were less than tasty – which is unusual for her.  Probably 4 times in the last 2 weeks she has made something and immediately thrown in away due to it tasting horrible.

We have now discovered the culprit for these failed cooking experiments.  Brooke was making a cake today from scratch and she said, “I don’t know why my cakes keep coming out horrible.  I am following the recipes.  But they are sometimes confusing.  Like, how do you get eleven-halves of something?”

Bingo!  We found it.  I asked her to show me the recipe and it looked like the one pictured above.  What she was reading as eleven halves, is actually one and one half.  The font and spacing in some of the recipes was throwing her off!  There’s that “Brooke Moment.”

Gotta love her!  She makes me smile.  I never make fun of her – I make mistakes all the time and try to laugh at myself and show her it’s okay to laugh at yourself.  We all do silly things sometimes.  It just makes life interesting and fun!  What if everyone always followed all the directions perfectly for everything?  Boring!

Brooke is my favorite today!  Now that we have this little snafu solved, I am expecting some amazing cakes, pies and candies to come my way!!

Daily tally:

Avery +1/0, Brooke +2/-1, Kate 0/0

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