The Art of the Selfie

The selfie.  The self-absorbed photo.  Yes, we didn’t even know this word a few years ago.  Kate at 3 years old doesn’t know a world without it.

I resisted the selfie for a long time.  I mean really – a picture of yourself to show where you are, what you are doing, document a moment in time, etc….  I guess it’s not really the selfie itself that I am opposed to, but what people do with the selfies.  Why do people feel that they need to post these selfies on social media sites to show what they are doing?  Most of the time, I really don’t care what other people are doing and what outfit they are doing it in.  By the way, I have never posted a selfie on social media. : )

What is the point?  “I’m in my car.”  “I got my hair cut.”  “At the grocery store.”  “Finished a great workout!” (Really, do we need to see how sweaty you got?  I will take your word for it!)  “Just picked up Fluffy from the groomers and don’t we look cute?”  “New outfit!” “Getting my caffeine on at Starbucks,”  “Ready for my date!”

Why do people feel the need to share all this information?  I don’t care if you are at the grocery store.  I go to the grocery store too, but am too busy actually shopping and wrestling a 3 year old to think about taking a picture, much less posting it!  It’s like social media has become a substitute for people’s best friend.

Really, I think that selfies and their descriptions are for your one or two best friends to share what you are doing.  They are the ones that are really interested anyway.  If I have not seen you since college, I really don’t need to know how great your pilates class was and how you look after that sweat session.

With all that said, I have succumbed to the selfie – as pictured here.  (Yes, I am a hypocrite.) I have not meant to offend any of you who may be avid selfie posters – many of my friends often post selfies.  However, I do think there should be some rules for selfies and posting them.  Maybe like….

  • You should never, ever, ever post bathing suit selfies – under any circumstance!  You never know who is going to see these or how they can be used.
  • Drunk selfies are always off limits.  See same reasoning above.
  • You must be able to disguise your double chins to get a good selfie and post.
  • Kissing selfies are a no go.  We don’t really want to see you making out with anyone.
  • Post-workout selfies should be off limits.  I mean, why would you want to show what you look like after a workout?  If anything, take a shower, primp up and show how good you look then.
  • Baby and animal selfies are okay, as long as they are not excessive.
  • Special event selfies are okay.  Like, “Yay, we just got engaged!”  Or, “We just had our baby!”
  • Mundane selfies are really useless.  It looks like an attempt to get people to tell you how good you look.  Like when people post selfies in their car and say “On the way to work.”  Just seems like an attempt to get attention.
  • Once-in-a-lifetime selfies are very justified.  “I just met Beyonce!”  “At the Super Bowl!”  “Running with the bulls!”  I think those are fun and worth sharing.
  • General rule – if you don’t want your boss or pastor seeing the selfie – don’t post it!

Again, I apologize for my judginess when it comes to selfies.  Living with 2 teenage daughters, I see A LOT of selfies – good and bad.  Probably too many.

However the selfie has become a thing – a staple in society.  People young and old are taking selfies.  My mother even owns a selfie-stick!

So today, my parents are my favorites for embracing the selfie – as seen below.  They are never ones to be left behind by technology or any trends – not even the selfie : )

Daily tally:

Avery +4/-2, Brooke +10/0,  Kate +16/-4, Me +1/-4, My Husband +3/0, New house +3/-1,   Jack(d0g) +0/-1, My Parents +1/0



4 thoughts on “The Art of the Selfie

  1. Hahaha…..I am a selfie whore and social media junkie.
    I take selfies with my kids because i spend a lot of tine alone with them and want to make sure i am in the pictures WITH them. So we can document our life together. I eant to remember all the things.
    Having said that….no bathroom selfies or weird inappropriate things happen with my camera. I hear you there!😄

    Liked by 1 person

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