Catching Lizards

In my previous career, I was a high school science teacher.  So…..when I see a creature, I am intrigued and love admiring the beauty that God has created in nature.  A few days ago, I was at my parent’s house and while walking in their front drive, I saw a little anole lizard.  Usually, these lizards are extremely fast and it’s not often that you can catch them.

However, it’s late November and the weather is turning colder.  Due to this, my little lizard friend was very slow.  I walked up to admire it – not thinking that I would be able to catch it.  But when I walked up, it didn’t move.  I think it was looking for a place to hibernate for the winter.  So I bent down and put my hand out in front of it.  It slowly walked up on my hand!!!

So stinking cute!!  While holding the lizard, I yelled to my mother to bring me something to put it in – I wanted to take it home so the girls could see it.  Isn’t that what all moms would do?  Catch lizards and take them home for their children?  Okay, I know its the science teacher coming out in me again (more than once I have brought home frogs, fetal pigs that were extras, so my children could diset them at home).  Maybe that’s borderline creepy….. but my kids know A LOT about science! : )

So back to my lizard adventure…… My mother brought out a plastic container for me to put the lizard in – but no lid.  What???  I told her that I needed something to cover the container with.  All I could see were visions of me driving down the road with a lizard running loose in the car!!  She brought me a paper towel and rubber band to put around the top of the container – it was actually a very good set up for containing the lizard while still allowing it to breath.

So, I drove home with my lizard friend beside me in the car.  What I won’t do for these children!!  When I got home, I called the girls outside and showed them the lizard.  It crawled on my hand and then up my arm – still slowly.  I put my other hand out and it crawled on it.  Brooke had a great time holding the lizard and it actually went to sleep (or what looked like it) on her hand.  Kate was fascinated by it, but was not brave enough to touch it.  Brooke played with the lizard for probably 1/2 an hour before finally setting it free. Oh, the simple joys of childhood!

So today, Brooke – AKA nature girl – is my favorite for her love of science and nature : )

Daily tally:

Avery +2/-2, Brooke +8/0,  Kate +14/-3, Me +1/-4, My Husband +3/0, New house +2/-1,   Jack(d0g) +0/-1

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