No nonsense Lisa

Our Brooke is a very smart girl.  She has always made straight A’s in school and has always pushed herself to do her best at everything – your basic overachiever.  I tell you that, not to brag, but to set the stage for the rest of the story.

A few days ago, I had gone to pick up Brooke from her golf practice and as I was driving she was changing out of her golf shoes back into her regular shoes.  As she did this, she happened to look down at her socks and she asked me, “What is Nononsense Lisa?”

I said that I had no idea what she was talking about.  Then she holds up her foot and shows me her sock (pictured above) that actually reads, “Nononsense USA.”

Sweet, sweet girl….  That says “No nonsense U S A.”  I can see how she misread it, but still FUNNY!

Thanks for the laugh sweet Brooke!  You are my favorite today!

Daily tally:

Avery +2/-2, Brooke +7/0,  Kate +14/-3, Me +1/-4, My Husband +3/0, New house +1/-1,   Jack(d0g) +0/-1


9 thoughts on “No nonsense Lisa

  1. In her defense-before I read the story and saw the picture I, too, read it as No Nonsense LISA! I wear the same brand but mine do not have USA. Mine must be made in CHINA.


    1. I’m 62 and found these socks left behind after a wedding. I like them and called them Lisa socks for weeks. My partner and I teasingly and accusingly ask each other….”who’s Lisa”. We know now but we still call them Lisa socks.

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