Self sufficient 

Kate is turning out to be quite the independent 3 year old.  Well, that’s saying it mildly.  Another adjective I often use is “strong-willed.”

She comes by it honestly.  She is surrounded by either adults or teenagers 90% of the time. She has learned that she has to speak and reason to get what she wants.  Kate has become quite proficient at that!  The only time she’s with kids her own age is a few times a week at 3 hours of preschool.

A few nights ago, we were out to eat at a “southern-style, down home cooking restaurant” that also has a store section with gift items and toys.  We were with my parents and our kids.  Important part of the story is – Kate has both my mother and father wrapped around her pinky.  She can basically get anything she wants and knows it.

Kate convinced her grandfather to buy her a toy (pictured above).  Its a candy dispenser with a little fan (with soft rubber fan blades).  She brought it back to our table and was showing it off and playing with it.  As she was doing this, Kate realized that the fan seemed to be going kind of slow compared to some of the others she had played with.

She told her grandfather that her toy was broken and asked him to go tell the lady at the cash register.  He told her that is she wasn’t happy with her toy, she needed to go talk to the lady herself.  (He never thought she would actually do it.)  Well, without skipping a beat, she grabbed her toy and marched off to the lady.  Kate told the lady that her toy was broken and asked if she could get another instead.  The lady told her yes.

What 3 year old does this!!???  My two older girls who are 17 and 15, STILL wouldn’t do this at their ages (they would ask me to do it instead).  All I know is we are in trouble!  If she is doing things like this now, I am afraid she is going to run the world.  I hope we can harness her powers for good and not evil!!

So today, Kate is my favorite determined, outgoing, headstrong little 3 year old. : )

Avery +2/-2, Brooke +6/0,  Kate +14/-3, Me +1/-4, My Husband +3/0, New house +1/-1,   Jack(d0g) +0/-1

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