Tractor-trailer wreck

If you are a veteran reader of my blog (its really only a year old), you know that our family is in the process of building a house for the past two years.  We sold our house, moved into a friend’s house to rent, then he had a chance to sell that house 4 months later.  So…. we moved again into our pediatrician’s house (I knew she had a house for sale and it was on the market over two years, so I called and asked if she wanted to rent it to us until our house was finished).  I say all that to kind of explain the state of unrest our family has been in for over two years now.  Luckily the new house should be ready in a few weeks and my restless soul can get some peace : )  I just want to be settled – 4 houses (when we finally move) in a little over 2 years is A LOT and I think I have been more stressed than I even know.

I tell you all that to set the stage for how frazzled I feel like I am presently.  In the last few weeks, our area experienced a hurricane and flooding.  The girls were out of school for a week and 2 days.  Now there are still multiple roads closed due to them collapsing or washing out completely in the flood.  We were spared major damage at our house, but were without power and water for a few days.  Then when we got water back, we were under a boil advisory for a few days.  We even had a town curfew of 9pm.

The girls finally went back to school with a two hour delay on Tuesday.  Wednesday was their first full day of school in over a week and a half.  However, Wednesday afternoon there was a tremendous industrial accident on a major interstate highway close to our house.

It involved a tractor-trailer 18 wheeler truck with chemicals.  It caught fire (there were two other subsequent accidents) and the emergency services personnel did not initially know what chemical it was.  It was determined that the chemicals were so dangerous, it would be better to just allow the fire to burn itself out.  As this was happening, people in cars on the interstate were told to leave their cars and were evacuated to a shelter.

We live within about 2 miles of the interstate accident and shortly after received a phone call from local emergency services telling us to “shelter in place” due to the dangerous chemicals in the air.  We later found out that the truck was carrying cyanide and that there was truck carrying chlorine in close proximity (what I am told are essential components of mustard gas used in chemical warfare).

A little later our family received information to either evacuate or “shelter in place” if we couldn’t leave.  If we couldn’t leave our home, we were advised to close all windows, doors, turn off any air returns to the outside air, and bring all animals inside.  Well, that sounded pretty ominous, so my family (with developing teenage and toddler brains) decided to evacuate.

Luckily, my family lives in the next town over and we were able to take all 5 of us and spend the night there.  School the next day was delayed 2 hours to make sure the air quality was better for people to be outside.

I am EXHAUSTED……..  There has been a lot to take in over the past few weeks.  I have not had time to process it all (and don’t know that I will – the world does not stop spinning).  However, with all this happening, we have been very blessed in avoiding any personal damage or injury.  Others have not been so lucky and have suffered loss of lives and possessions.  In reflection, I feel like this post sounds very self-absorbed, but I realize we are beyond fortunate.

So today, my family is my favorite.  We always stick together and look out for each other.  My parents thought nothing of having us all pile in their house overnight : )

Daily tally:

My family +1, Avery +2/-2, Brooke +6/0,  Kate +13/-3, Me +1/-4, My Husband +3/0, New house +1/-1,   Jack(d0g) +0/-1



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