Everyone Can Help

We have had some pretty big devastation in our area over the last week due to Hurricane Matthew.  Our family was spared and we only had a few limbs down.  However, we are close to many families whose homes were completely flooded.  Our neighborhood is quite large and the back section is on one of the major rivers in our state.  It crested this week at 29 feet over normal stage.  All the houses on the river were flooded, but just across the street, those houses were untouched.

Kate has two preschool friends who live on the river and lost everything on their first floors.  It has been sad to drive by houses and see carpet, drywall, furniture and more beside the street for the dump.  Our schools have been closed over a week and will not open until next Tuesday – mostly because we have so many roads that have completely washed out – either the road collapsed or is completed gone in some sections.

However, we are trying to make sure our children know how blessed we are, and how it could have easily been anyone else whose homes were destroyed.  We have helped clean up yards and helped cut down trees that were uprooted from the storm.

Everyone can help!  The photo show Kate pulling limbs from a tree we were cutting down.  She’s only 3, but all hands – big and small- can show kindness and offer assistance to others.

The big girls had a teacher from their school who lost everything in her house due to the flood.  They went and worked there to assist.  Many people, after a week, still do not have power at their homes.

I am proud that all the girls have seen the larger picture and that’s its not just about what happens at our house, but its about the larger community and making sure everyone is cared for.  We have tried to teach them that its not someone else’s responsibility to make a difference, but its their responsibility as well.

All three girls are my favorites today.  As much as the “me, me, me” of teenage years comes up in our lives, it’s nice to know that the values and community responsibility we have tried to teach them, has not gone unheard.

Daily tally:

Avery +2/-2, Brooke +6/0,  Kate +13/-3, Me +1/-4, My Husband +3/0, New house +1/-1,   Jack(d0g) +0/-1


8 thoughts on “Everyone Can Help

  1. So glad you came out okay. Thanks for sharing this story and for helping others. You are setting a great example for your kids!

    I remember when the “forest” behind us was being clearcut for new houses. In those days there was no such thing as moving trees or saving some – they were all just bulldozed down. The entire neighborhood got together and, with permission, properly cut the trees and split it amongst the families. We all had firewood for a couple of years and the trees were not wasted. Us young ones did much the same as Kate, hauling off what we could into neat piles. It took a full weekend but is an experience I will always remember.

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    1. What a great memory. I grew up in the 80’s when everyone had “wood stoves” inserted into their chimneys. We would get together with other families several times a year and cut down a tree or two and divide up the wood. Everyone was expected to help – even the smallest child. I learned a lot about hard work and using resources wisely. Sounds like you learned the same things. By the way – we did save all the wood from the trees from the hurricane. We are building a house with a wood-burning fireplace and now we have an instant supply of fire wood!

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