Hurricane Matthew

I am most times less than serious on my blog, but today is a different day. Hurricane Matthew came through last night and we are in a state of emergency. Although our house had minor damage and limbs down, we are surrounded by others whose homes are flooded and many roads that are impassible. Ponds and lakes are overflowing their dams. Rivers are continuing to rise and will not crest until Wednesday. The rivers are already right below the bridges and many bridges began to be closed today. We have been without power for two days now and have no idea when it will be back. We have water, but it has to be boiled. Many others don’t have power or water. 

Roads have been washed out in some places and the asphalt is gone. However, we are very fortunate – we are only without power and having to clean out all the fridges and freezers (dinner tonight was bacon, sausage, steak, eggs and green beans.) Trying to cook fast so things don’t spoil. Schools have already announced they will be closed for the next 2 days. We drove by homes today where they are flooded and people were bringing out their belongings to try to salvage something. 

Please pray for many as they try to put their lives back together 

Hurricane Matthew is my least favorite today 😔

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