Best Golf Match Yet!

Watch that swing!

Brooke shot her lowest round ever today – okay it was a 58 on 9 holes ; )  But that’s still her lowest ever!!!  I am so proud of her for trying something new this year.

She has been a cheerleader for two years in middle school.  This year, starting high school, she didn’t really want to cheer, but wanted to find something new to do.  Our family have been golfers for a long time – well, her grandfathers and father have – to the point of traveling to St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Augusta, Pine Hurst……  (If you are not a golfer, those are some of the famous courses : )  My father (her grandfather) is beaming with joy and loving every minute playing with her or going to the range to hit balls.  He is in heaven!

With some coaxing,  B picked up her first club at the beginning of August.  She has come a long way (still has a long way to go), but she’s doing great.  We are so proud that is enjoying a sport that she can play for the rest of her life.  Cheerleading was not that sport!

An added bonus to playing golf – the cutest outfits ever!!  I know she is mine, and I am supposed to adore her, but she is CUTE little golfer.

So today, Brooke is my favorite today for trying something new, getting out of her comfort zone and persevering even though her score might not always show her progress.  Way to go Bel!!

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-2, Brooke +5/0,  Kate +12/-3, Me +1/-4, My Husband +3/0, New house +1/-1,   Jack(d0g) +0/-1


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