My Husband’s Dream

As we were getting ready for work this morning, my husband told me he had a dream about his Dad who had passed away 4 years ago, this month.  To my knowledge, he has not ever had a dream about his father since his passing.

Dream went like this:

My husband was standing in a house (didn’t really know what house) and his father came walking into the room.  My first question was, “What did he say to you???”  My husband said his Dad didn’t saw anything, but had a HUGE SMILE on his face and came up to him and gave him an enormous hug.  (Heart drop!)  He went on to say, “Then I woke up crying.” (Heart in stomach)

Wow.  Being a “man,” my husband doesn’t discuss much about emotions and missing his Dad, although I know he does.  I told him, “I think it was maybe your Dad’s way of telling you he is proud of you and the man that you have become.”  My husband also added that in the dream his Dad was younger and looked much healthier than he did the final few years of his life.  Not young-young.  But adult-young.

We are a family of Christians and believe in heaven.  What really happens in heaven, I don’t know – but I hope I get a chance to see!  I have heard of “after-life” experiences and don’t really know where I stand on “ghosts” and “spirits” of the dead.  I really try to be pretty simple and believe my loved ones are in heaven and happy there – not try to analyze it too much.  So…. I don’t know if this was a “visit” as some may say, or a construct of my husband’s subconscious manifesting itself since he misses his Dad.  Again, I don’t think I’m going to analyze it too much.  What matters is it was a happy dream.  It gave him some peace.  It made him feel that his Dad is fine and happy.  That gives me peace as well.

I would love to hear what you all think……..  Have you had such dreams, experiences?

So today, my husband is my favorite for sharing a beautiful moment.

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-2, Brooke +4/0,  Kate +12/-3, Me +1/-4, My Husband +3/0, New house +1/-1,   Jack(d0g) +0/-1


14 thoughts on “My Husband’s Dream

  1. Beautiful post! I’ve had prophetic dreams. As a young woman, they used to scare me, and I begged God to take them away. Until recently, I hadn’t had them in years, and now that God is drawing me closer, I have asked him to continue to use me. Both recent dreams have come to pass. Sounds like your husband’s dream was a necessary one. I hope that it offered him peace. ❤

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        1. Intriguing! I sometimes “conjure” people up (ha ha). For instance a few weeks ago, there was a person I had not thought about or mentioned for probably 2 years. I brought up their name in a conversation while driving with my husband, and less than two minutes later, we saw this person outside a business as we drove by. Maybe our subconscious knows more than we think…..

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  2. I agree with your thoughts. Also, perhaps it was a two-fold dream. I don’t know your background history, but it could represent closure/assurance for your husband about his Dad…& also could be showing him, GOD the Father, loves him as well

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