“Oh, it’s a breaking thing….”

Ever since my 3 girls were born, my parents have given them “Birthday dolls” for each birthday.  These are about 3-4 inch porcelain figurines that depict a child about that age and have the number on them.   They are actually very pretty (I am not much of a chotsky person) and they go from birth to age 18.  My oldest daughter is on 17 now! Oh yes, and a very Southern thing.

A few weeks ago, Kate turned 3.  This birthday was definitely very fun to watch.  She loved opening the gifts and would squeal with delight as she announced to the room what she had unwrapped.  One of those moments you want cemented in your memory vault.

Right now, Kate is all about the toys she sees on commercials when she watches TV.  She really, REALLY wants toys and lots of them.  We do not indulge – well too much.  With that being said, when she opened toys on her birthday she was screaming with joy and jumping up and down.

Then it happened.  The birthday doll.  She began opening the gift with the same zeal she had unwrapped the others.  She got the doll out, held it for a brief moment and said, “Oh, its a breaking thing,” and sat in on a table. (video is below)  That pretty much summed it up.  She was obviously looking for something more exciting to play with than a porcelain figurine.  She was less than impressed and promptly moved on to a more intriguing present.

What if we could all be that honest when we opened gifts as adults?  Think of Christmas and hearing things like, “Oh, its a sweater,” “Oh, its a tie.  Again,” “Oh, its ugly boots.”  This could be endless.

What if we truly showed our emotion on how we felt about each gift we opened?  Now that would be entertaining!  “Oh, its an adult-sized Winnie the Pooh shirt for me….” (I don’t wear characters.  I stopped about age 9).  “Oh, its a set of tea cups and I don’t drink tea.”  Kids don’t care though!  They are honest to a fault.  As long as you don’t let it hurt your feelings, its pretty entertaining!

Kate is my favorite today for her brutal honesty in ALL situations : )

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-2, Brooke +4/0,  Kate +11/-3, Me +1/-4, My Husband +2/0, New house +1/-1,   Jack +0/-1


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