8th Grade Dance

My sweet, sweet Brooke!  She is the dream child.  Shhhhhh!  Don’t say anything!  The others might hear you!  None of the kids are supposed to know that!!!!  Its not that I love her any differently that the other two.  What I mean is that she is our easy child – does what she is supposed to do any time I ask – doesn’t talk back – brings me things to sign for school with a pen in hand or the checkbook in hand if I have to write a check.  Seriously, she has made parenting easy!  Some times I wonder if she is the parent and I am really the child.  But she’s always been that way.  I have to say, its a dream!  When my oldest needs cupcakes for school that day and its 7am – I really appreciate my planner child : )

This day was one of her rights of passage as a young girl – the 8th grade dance.  The last big hoorah before going to high school.  She had a great time with her friends.  She actually had a “date” for the dance.  Most of her friends didn’t have dates but they all went as a large group together.   Brooke went with this large group as well, but with her “date.”

This has actually been a very dramatic roller coaster – the date I mean.  She has never had a boyfriend and is the last of all her friends that has not.  She was nervous that no one would ask her to the dance, so when a guy friend of her’s asked her 3 months early, she said yes.  She later regretted this – not because she didn’t like this friend – but because all her friends then started teasing her about this possibly being her boyfriend.  She went WAY overboard and was probably to the point of being rude to this boy just to show her friends that she didn’t like him “that way.”  There were many tears shed over this situation at our house for 3 months up to the dance.  She wouldn’t even dance with him the whole night!!  Poor fella!

She’s still a teenager and therefore, an emotional mess most times.  However, there are glimpses of insight every now and then.  For instance, one day she said something to this effect: “Mama, do you ever think that what I am upset or worried about is really not a big deal, but still listen to me anyway.”  YESSSS!  I gently told her yes, but that if was important to her, it was important to me.  I would rather hear all the mundane, escalated details of teenage-dom, than be shut out and not hear anything!

Brooke is my favorite today.  Love this girl!!

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-2, Brooke +4/0,  Kate +8/-2, Me +1/-3, My Husband +2/0, New house +1/-1,   Jack +0/-1


8 thoughts on “8th Grade Dance

  1. Anyone who pretends this confusing stage that begins then doesn’t extend until at least one’s mid 40s … well, hit me up! As father to three girls, I love the stages, and the different shades each of them took them on in. Is she the middle? My middle is my planner.

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  2. WOW – thank you for sharing! She is amazing and you brought back memories of when my (now 30 yr old) daughter was so young and free. I know teenagers go through many things they think are “dramatic”, but it is nice to see she is enjoying those years! Tell her to keep having fun and dreams – all we can wish for right? Great post!

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