Painting Fingernails

These are some of my favorite photos recently. ¬†Each year, our church does what we call “Operation In As Much,” where we go out in the community and do various projects. ¬†Some do yard work for others, cook meals, build structures like wheelchair ramps, host a baby shower for teen moms, etc. ¬†The project I have been involved in for the past few years is visiting a local nursing home (long term care facility) with girls, ages 6 -12, and painting fingernails. ¬†These photos show one of the girls painting an elderly resident’s fingernails. ¬†Such a small thing, but such a large thing at the same time on so many levels. ¬†Giving these women a sense of pride and beauty in a place where I am sure they most often do not feel beautiful. ¬†Watching the girls interact with the residents is lovely. ¬†I am so proud of the girls for not being shy and being friendly and talking to the residents. ¬†I know they very rarely see children and it must be wonderful to see the epitome of life and youth in a place that is consumed with aging and dying. ¬†These men and women light up when they see the girls.

Also taking the time to just listen and visit with the residents gives so much to both participants. ¬†They don’t often get to share their stories with other people any more. ¬†Its wonderful for these young people to hear about the residents’ lives and its interesting what they choose out of their lives to share with the girls. ¬†The lessons learned from these stories reach far beyond this day.

This event has been such a blessing to me each year. ¬†Young hands tending to old hands. ¬†Beautiful……. ¬†I really should routinely be doing more things like this, but this event causes me to stop my daily, selfish routines, and intentionally focus on others. ¬†I need this refocus about once a month since its so easy for me to get caught up in my own world and family.

Today my favorite is this event, “Operation In As Much,” for the opportunities it provides to reach out to others and remember that we are all humans and deserve each other’s love and respect; old, young, male, female, etc….

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-2, Brooke +3/0,  Kate +8/-2, Me +1/-3, My Husband +1/0, New house +1/-1,   Jack +0/-1, Operation In As Much +1/0

4 thoughts on “Painting Fingernails

  1. This is really great. I actually used to volunteer at a nursing home, did it for about 4 years and I can honestly say that the best part was being able to get to know the residents stories. Some residents I worked with were veterans, some talented musicians, competitive athletes… I think we tend to forget that these residents were also once young people with interesting lives, each one of them with so much to teach us and wisdom to impart. I’m glad your daughters had the opportunity to interact with them.

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