General Update on the House

So my blogging has dropped off quite a bit lately – this is where I have been.  We are in the short rows of the house now!  (For those of you non-Southerners, “Short rows” means the end or nearing the end of a project.  Like when you plow in a field that is not a perfect square or rectangle and the rows are shorter at one side.)

We are in the stage where we have to pick out many, many, many things.  Exciting, yes.  Overwhelming – YESSSS!!  All my free time has been spent looking at appliances, shingles, faucets, shutters, bricks, tile, sinks, paint colors, fireplaces, light fixtures, garage doors, countertops, door knobs (yes, door knobs), cabinets, patio designs, furniture, curtains, tubs, shrubs, drawer knobs, carpet, hardwoods, to name a few.  I could go on, believe it or not.

Building a house can be lots of fun and exciting to pick out exactly what you want.  However, everything – really EVERYTHING – that you like will be “extra” and over budget.  Its a basic rule of building – if you like it, its probably over budget.  My advice is to find a house you really, really like and buy it!!  I know I will be glad when its all done and we move in, but right now I am on decision-overload.  In fact, I went out to lunch with some friends a few days ago.  We were talking about where to go and I said I just can’t make one more decision!!

So right now, the house is my favorite AND my least favorite : )

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-2, Brooke +3/0,  Kate +8/-2, Me +1/-3, My Husband +1/0, New house +1/-1

Looking from upstairs into the family room downstairs



Rough plumbing for the sink in the laundry room


The big girls standing at the windows in the family room


Looking out the front door


Rough plumbing for the toilet and sink in the guest bathroom


Shower drain in the guest bathroom


Rough plumbing for one of the sinks in the master bathroom


Plumbing hookup for the washing machine in the laundry room


One of the windows in the master bedroom


Shower in the master bathroom


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