My house😁😢😝😃😊😣

The blog posts have been few and far between these days and the photo above is the reason why.  Our family is currently building a house – I am ECSTATIC about it!!!  We sold our house and have been in a rental house for about two years now – with 3 kids and a dog – and most of our stuff in storage.  It has been a struggle for me mentally as much as anything because I haven’t been “settled” in 2 years.  My soul has been restless for two years and I have felt like I have no place that I really belong – that is really mine.

Now we are finally in the stages of building where we are picking out things.  Yes, exciting I know!  However, I now understand the comments people would say to me about building a house (“I’ll never do it again!”  “We almost didn’t stay married!”  and so on…)  This is hard work – Yes I know!  First world problems!  I am the first to admit that.  I have a roof over my head and many in the world do not.  I get that.  I know we are BEYOND fortunate to be able to build this house and I shouldn’t complain about ANYTHING!  I feel guilty even typing this…

With all that said, I can say that the “house stuff” is consuming the better part of my days and nights.  All of the sudden, I have to pick out the actual fixtures and brick and paint color and tile and faucets and door hinges (who even cares about the door hinges!).

Presently, I am under the gun to pick out our brick color.  I have seen many houses that I like and have been all over the world on the internet.  I have literally looked at thousands of photos and saved or “pinned” them to various boards or pages.  I thought I had the brick narrowed down between two types and I could go to the brick showroom and let them help me. Yay me!  I began “Googling” more photos of the brick, and saw other brick that I liked.  Maybe it was this 3rd brick.  Now I have 3 choices.  I look some more……  Nope, there is another brick that may be better.  What!!!???  This has to stop!  I am more confused that ever!!

The problem is that the more you look, the more photos you find.  The lighting is different in each photo, which makes the brick look different.  Also, the house style/design is different and some brick looks better in large expanses than others.  I think I want to cry!!!

Again…….I know many people in the world will never know the shelter of a brick home or EVER get to pick out the brick on that house.  Feeling guilty again…..

So if you all don’t see me as often for a bit, you will know where I am.  I am lost on the internet.  Wandering through cyber space.  If the internet was a city, I would be that crazy, homeless lady, wandering the city, muttering to herself about brick  colors and types……”I think its Charlestowne.  No.  Wait.  It has to be Spanish Moss or Sandstone……definitely Sandstone……..or it could be Williamsburg??……”

Today, I am my least favorite.  Just make a decision!  Why am I making this SO hard?  (Because its the whole exterior of my house that everyone is going to see for FOREVER and I have to live with…)  Sorry.  Too much internal dialogue…..

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-2, Brooke +3/0,  Kate +6/-2, Me +1/-3, My Husband +1/0

Below you can see some of the photos of the house so far.  If you want to follow the journey, hop over to



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