Chicken Paster

We recently went to a family reunion and of course, the food was fabulous!  Homemade cakes, fried chicken, deviled eggs, butter beans, apple jacks, biscuits, BBQ, and sweet tea.  Sweet tea is like a religion to me – if there is only one thing I could have to drink for the rest of my life, it would be sweet tea!  Sweet tea will have its own post soon – it is THAT important in my life : )

Another staple at family gatherings here in the South is Chicken Pastry.  Our area calls it Chicken Pastry (not “Chicken and Pastry”), but you may know it by other names like “Chicken and Dumplings,” or “Chicken Dumplings.  It is called Pastry here because instead of being in a ball of dough, the dough is rolled into flat sheets and cut into strips.  I can remember watching my mother and grandmothers (even great grandmothers) roll out the homemade dough and cut it into strips – thus the name “pastry.”  If some of us children were lucky, we were allowed to stand beside the stove and one-by-one, place the pastry into the boiling hot pot of chicken broth.

I have always taken for granted that Chicken Pastry is a staple in our lives and have never thought that much about it.  I don’t recall ever even telling my children what it was – they started eating it before they could talk.

Well, this past week at the family reunion, all Kate wanted was some “Chicken Paster.”  She evidently thought that was what we were saying.  As you can see from the photos, she is a big fan of Chicken Pastry.  Had 3 helpings!  If you have never had Chicken Pastry, run out and buy some or ask for the recipe.  You don’t know what you have been missing!  Don’t think that if you have had Chicken and Dumplings that it is the same thing.  I won’t even eat that stuff!

So today, Kate and “Chicken Paster” is my favorite.

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-1, Brooke +3/0,  Kate +6/-2, Me +1/-2, My Husband +1/0, Chicken Pastry +5/0



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