Where Marbles Should Not Go

Brooke and Kate riding “Stella” the horse.

I came home from work Monday afternoon and was told by my mother-in-law, who was keeping Kate, that Kate has taken a large marble from her big sister Brooke’s room and she thought she had put in down a drain.  What?  First of all, why was Kate in Brooke’s room?  We always keep the door closed so she doesn’t get into her sister’s things.  Second, why did you let her take something out of her sister’r room?  Third, where were you when this got into the drain?  So many questions……

Evidently, this was a large marble, a little smaller than a ping pong ball.  Brooke had gotten it during a field trip to a children’s discovery museum, ironically named “Marbles Museum,” while in Kindergarten.  She and I had gone on the class field trip together and I must have bought her this marble (I have no recollection of it).  After hearing that Kate, had taken her marble, Brooke lost it and started yelling at Tate.  I have to remind Brooke that even though Kate speaks well for a 2 year old, she is not cognitively understanding the concept of stealing from another person.  Especially, not 5 hours later.

We find that Kate had indeed put the marble down a drain – the drain of the garden tub.  My mother-in-law sticks her fingers down the drain and says she can feel it, but can’t get it up.  The marble is large enough that it almost completely fills up the drain, so I think there is no way it can  go down it – WRONG!  Mother-in-law tries again to get the marble out of the drain and winds up pushing it down the drain.  Great!!

My first thought is – “Now we have to call a plumber.”  My next thought is “Woman, why did you let her have this marble in the first place????”  So the marble is down the drain and I try to run water in the tub to see if it will drain.  Remarkedly, water still drains out of the tub, but around the marble somehow.  Really, I don’t know how far the marble got – maybe its in the sewage system by now??

All the while this is happening, Brooke is lamenting how much she loved the marble, it was her favorite marble, how it reminded her of  special time she and I spent together……  She is also advocating that Tate be punished for her theft.  I try again to explain how Tate doesn’t fully understand her actions.  This was not a premeditated criminal act by our two year old master mind.  Then Brooke musters all the drama a 14 year old girl can and says, “That was my whole childhood!!!” while she is laying on the bathroom floor.  Seriously??  That marble was your “whole childhood?”  Irrational thought was reigning supreme at this moment!  Who is this child?  Did I raise this??  (Because I have NEVER had a dramatic moment like that! ; )

To try to restore some semblance of justice in the home, I told Brooke that she could take one item from Kate’s room, to try to show her how it felt to have something taken from her.  In retrospect this may not have been the best parenting strategy.  In my defense, I had just gotten home from a long day, I was tired and still in my heels and dress clothes.  I probably wasn’t thinking clearly.  I was weak!

So, Brooke goes to Kate’s room and decides to take a ceramic bird figurine that is also a flute of sorts.  She shows Brooke the bird from her room and tells her she is going to keep it, just like Kate took her marble.  Kate grins and says okay.  She doesn’t seem to care – which of course was not the reaction Brook  was looking for – she wanted sadness, jealousy, anger – anything but the apathy she was getting from her little sister.

To drive the point home that she had taken something really cool from Kate’s room, Brooke begins to play the flute and tries to play a song to make the flute look super-fun.  Kate doesn’t care in the least.  I started laughing at Brooke and she asks why.  I said that I bought the bird flute from a young boy, who was playing all the flutes, on the street in Nicaragua, and I had never washed it.  This sends her over the edge!  She puts her head under the faucet and starts washing out her mouth (germaphobe!!).

Again, this all was probably not my best moment as a parent, but sometimes you just have to get through a situation.  Today Brooke is my favorite, if for nothing else, her acting abilities!!

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-1, Brooke +3/0,  Kate +4/-2, Me +1/-2



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