Texting Tutor

I have become an expert texting tutor.  Well for middle school and high school anyway. Really, my specialty is middle school. I can text with middle schoolers like a champ!  Okay, that sounded a bit creepy….

I am not actually texting with middle schoolers.  I am helping my daughter reply back to her friends who are middle schoolers.  When the drama starts, she will bring me her phone and ask how to respond to a certain text.  In the prehistoric period when I grew up in my cave with no electricity, the only people with cell phones were the Jetsons and we had to actually talk to each other in person or by phone.  However, I do remember seeking consult on what to say in phone conversations, but then we were on our own.  We could get advise, but then had to wing it from there.  What if the conversation took another turn?  What to say then?  What if you completely blanked and didn’t remember what you had rehearsed?  This could be disastrous!!  But we did learn (the hard way) how to think on our feet, AND how to actually carry on a conversation with a REAL LIVE HUMAN face to face.  I think kids today, on the whole, are missing those skills.

Do back to my texting skills….. The latest drama is that my 8th grade daughter, Brooke, has a school semi-formal to attend at the end of April.  She has never had a boyfriend and not looking for one (thank goodness!).  However, a friend asked her to the dance.  He made her some homemade candy with his mom and then put a note in it asking her to go to the dance with him.  That afternoon, at home, they were texting about it and she was asking me what to say.  She likes the boy, but just as a friend.  Thus, she was seeking advice about how to word her response.  It was funny because they actually went back and forth during this clarification phase several times.  She wanted to make sure he understood that they were going just as friends, and that they must be a part of a larger group.  It was funny watching them pseudo-interact.  With texting, you really don’t know who you are texting with – I mean, this boy had no way of knowing that I was skillfully crafting part of her text responses.  Who knows, maybe his mom or brother was doing the same for him!  Oh the drama of being in middle school!!

Does anybody else do this and help out others while they text?  I would love to hear your stories!!

Today, Brooke is my favorite : )

Daily tally:

Avery +1/-1, Brooke +2/0,  Kate +4/-2, Me +1/-2


7 thoughts on “Texting Tutor

  1. I think my daughters were in high school before they became fully engulfed in texting, and by then, they had life all figured out (rolls eyes) and had no use for my advice.

    Now they taunt me with my own texting ignorance. My youngest daughter has somehow made it so that when I type her name, my phone changes it to say Beat Daughter Ever.

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