Not My Favorite Today!!

Oh yea, she’s cute. She’d better be glad she’s cute!  But I wanted to old school old-woman-who-lived-in-a-shoe her and spank her soundly and send her to bed tonight!!!

I finally got home after 6 pm from a long day of work.  I have not felt well today – sore throat, aching joints/sore back and I think I had a fever the last few hours at work.  After work, I went straight to pick up Kate and come home.  We were trying out “big girl panties” so she wasn’t wearing a diaper.  As soon as we walked in the door, she came to me and said she had “pee-peed” in her underwear.

I immediately took her to the bathroom and started a bath.  I got her in the bath and was sitting on the floor looking at social media on my phone while she played.  Then all of the sudden she got out of the bath and said she needed to go to the potty to poop.  I asked if she had already pooped in the tub and she said, “Yes!  I did!,” in the happiest little voice you can imagine.

I look over into the tub.  There it is.  Several floaters.  Great.  At this point, I had already had urine to clean up.  Now poop.

You would think, that should be it, right?  NO!  Guess again!  As I was talking to Kate about why she pooped in the tub and why she couldn’t tell me, she was standing, naked, beside the tub.  Then she pees again on the floor!!!  What??  Can this be happening?!!  Really?!!!  Pee, poop, then pee again!!!

So I put her in the shower, while I fish out pieces of poop from the tub water with a cup, clean up urine on the floor, and then scrub the tub and floor.  All the while, Kate is happily playing in the shower.  Good times! (note the sarcasm in the last statement).

I do have a few things to be thankful for in all this:  1. She didn’t have any of these accidents in my new car.  2. It could have been diarrhea.  Don’t even like to think about that.  I think I would have just laid down and cried.  3. Kate is healthy and happy, and none of this seemed to phase her at all.

So today, Kate is definitely my least favorite.  Any time you are the cause of my hands being in fluid that contains floating poop, you will be my least favorite!!

Daily tally:

Avery 1/-1, Brooke 0/0,  Kate 3/-2, Me 1/-2


16 thoughts on “Not My Favorite Today!!

  1. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time I was reading this! Kids are so awesome but I could only imagine actually having them. When my little brother was one (now 7) I would always want him to hurry up and talk already, now I can’t get him to shut up. Kids are definitely something else

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