Crazy hair cut

I was getting frustrated with my bangs a few days ago and decided I needed to cut them.  I just couldn’t take it any longer!  Some of you know what I mean.  So I got out the scissors and started cutting – maybe not my best idea.

I cut my bangs and then thought, “My hair is really thick, I could probably thin it out some.”  My scissors are thinning scissors, so I held up random chunks of hair and began cutting at different places to thin out my hair.  I kept cutting for about 5 minutes and then looked in the sink to see A LOT of hair!  I suddenly thought, “What am I doing??  Have I lost my mind??”

Why did I think I could cut or thin my hair?  What is wrong with me??  That old saying about there being a thin line between sanity and insanity is so true.  Most days, I feel like I walk that line like a tight rope.  However, on this day I definitely dipped into the insanity pool for a while and quickly jumped back over.  Again what is wrong with me???

For this reason, I am my least favorite today : )

Daily tally:

Avery 1/-1, Brooke 0/0,  Kate 2/-1, Me 1/-2

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