PSA: Don’t Eat 4 Year Old Popcorn

Yes, I ate 4 year old popcorn today : (  By mistake.

We are on our second snow day in the Southeast and I thought popcorn would make a great snack.  I often buy popcorn for the girls, but rarely eat it myself.  I put a bag in the microwave and after about a minute and a half, it started to smoke and the smoke was coming out of the microwave.  There was also a weird smell.  About half the popcorn was popped and so I ate a few pieces.  It had  weird taste too. I then threw it out.  I thought maybe something was wrong with that particular bag.  So….I got another bag and put that in the microwave.  Same thing happened – except I didn’t eat any of this one.

I got the box from the pantry and looked at the date – expired in 2012.  It was a box of the popcorn that the Boy Scouts sell and we always buy some when asked.  So I thought this was something I must have bought, but I knew we went through popcorn much faster than that.  Upon further inspection of the box, I saw my father-in-law’s name on it.  This must have been something he bought and my mother-in-law had brought to our house recently since she was not eating it.  See, my father in law passed away in 2012 and the expiration date was 2012.  After seeing this, I knew what the taste and smell must be – rancid oil.  Yuck!  However, this all would have given my father-in-law a little chuckle.

I can’t wait to tell my mother about this because she is a firm believer that those expiration dates are merely suggestions and food is good way past that.  Well not 4 year old popcorn!!!

Today my least favorite is my mother-in-law for bringing us expired popcorn.  I am sure she really had no idea of how old the popcorn was or that it could go “bad”……………or did she??? : )

Daily tally:

Avery 0/-1, Brooke 0/0,  Kate 1/-1, Me 1/-1, Mother-in-law 0/-1


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