Toilet Fishing

When something goes in the toilet, what do you use to get it out?

Today I was met with this yelled to me, “Mama, there’s a little girl in the toilet!”  I came running because I initially interpreted that to mean my two year old daughter had crawled inside and was standing in the toilet. Gratefully she wasn’t. However what was in the toilet was a small Lego toy of a girl.

Also, luckily there wasn’t any……..material in the toilet.  I weighed my options.  I could use a kitchen utensil like a tongs or a long spoon.  I’m sure it would come clean.  But would it ever be psychologically clean after that.  Plus, if the two big girls ever saw me use something from the kitchen, I might as well throw it away immediately.

So……..I just stuck my hand in there and got it out.  It was only water, and I know how to wash my hands.  Also, I change diapers many times a day – I am used to having poop and urine on me occasionally.

So what I want to know from you, is what would you use to get a toy out of a toilet?  Please respond.

Tate is my least favorite today for causing me to put my hand in the toilet.  You are welcome little Lego girl – you live to see another day.

Daily tally:

Avery 0/-1, Brooke 0/0,  Kate 1/-1, Me 1/-1


36 thoughts on “Toilet Fishing

      1. anyone that has kids (doesn’t matter what age – hee hee) or pets (especially baby pets) must have the 2 on hand at all time – we own a small farm with acres of garden, huge greenhouse and tons-o-critters, so soap and disinfectant are all over the place – wooo hoo!

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  1. My hands – yes both of them – have scooped out many things from the loo 😨 including knickers – not mine – and don’t ask 😁 a phone – no longer working – and a tube of toothpaste – only retrieved that cos it would have blocked the loo – we didn’t use it afterwards 😨


  2. I’m much older than you, Stephanie, and unproudly say that I have fished things out of the toilet many times. And not always because of my children! I believe in chlorox, Lysol and all those things that prove to kill every germ. I’m still alive and quite healthy. So fish on. There will be many more toys, phones, keys, jewelry, etc. in your future. Some of them will be caused by Tate, but not all of them!!!
    Love you anyway!

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  3. I grabbed my toothbrush out of the toilet using a plastic bag as a glove. Of course I threw it away after that. If I were you I would’ve said that once something goes down there, it’s gone. The “crocodile” has it now. And flush. Sure there’ll be tears, but it’s better than touching something that you pulled from the toilet. I mean that toilet has probably seen a load of crap (no pun intended) in its lifetime.

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  4. When my brother and I were little, my parents would have one of those slatted plastic spoons in the bathroom. Sure it was made for the kitchen, but this one was only for the bathroom. That way, if something fell in, they could scoop it out, the water would automatically drain away, and there was no psychological barriers later. Plus, they would have no problems using heavy duty cleaners on it knowing that it wasn’t ever going to come in contact with food

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  5. LOL Funny you should tell this story. Just yesterday my 4 year old was on the toilet. He hollered that he was all done. So I go in to wipe his bum and he informs, like it’s an every day event, “I dropped a dinky (matchbox car) in the toilet”. First I tried the toilet scrubber but the car was too big for it grab. So I got a garbage bag, stuck my hand in the bag, then plunged my plastic wrapped hand into the toilet and grabbed the car. After three heavy doses of antibacterial soap, I deemed the car clean enough to drive again. Bang was my least favorite that day.

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