Cooking fail…….

These cookies would look great if they were some type of double chocolate fudgey-something-something.  However, they are not.  They are normal chocolate chip cookies – BURNT BEYOND RECOGNITION!  I have never done such a poor job cooking! : (

The cookies were made to send on a ski trip for the church youth group that the two big girls and my husband were attending.  Too bad youth group – these were BAAAAD!  Couldn’t send these along.  I had the best of intentions.

When I put the cookies in the oven Sunday night, I was going to quickly give Kate, our two year old, a bath and be done before the cookies were finished.  As I was bathing her, the older two girls came in and tried on/modeled all their ski clothes, including gloves and hats.  They were also looking at how their hair would look its best in whichever hat they choose.  I know – teenage girls!!

I finished the bath and got distracted with the teenagers.  My oldest asked me to braid her hair to see how it would look.  She rarely asks any more and it was nice braiding her hair with no phones around – just us talking.  I finished up her hair and my middle daughter came in and said something is burning downstairs.

I jolted up and ran downstairs!  The kitchen was already filling up with smoke and when I opened the open, a huge cloud of smoke rolled out!  I had to open all the doors and take the cookies outside to cool.  I have never done this before in my life!  Luckily no fire : )

I tried, but today I am my own least favorite.  I think I was having an ADD flare up!!

Daily tally:

Avery 0/-1, Brooke 0/0,  Kate 1/0, Me 1/-1



6 thoughts on “Cooking fail…….

  1. This reminds me of one time when I visited my grandma. I cooked rice and went upstairs to check on her books. I liked all of her books but I chose a certain book about tragedies or not-so-tragedies, stuff like that, which were caused by hilarious human mistakes. They’re real stories and they’re really amusing. While I was transfixed reading the book, I heard my grandma, who was standing on the doorway, saying, “do not serve two masters at the same time,” I was confused, I asked why, she said “come with me to the kitchen. See it for yourself.” That was then I realized what she meant about serving two masters at the same time. haha
    Okay, my comment is too long. Anyway, If those are chocolate cookies, then they look delicious! 🙂


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