My New Favorite

This is one of my favorite pictures from this past summer.  I am sitting at an outside shelter at a coffee farm in Costa Rica with my 3 different roasts of coffee: light roast, medium and dark.  We did a blind taste test to see which type of coffee we truly prefer.

First of all, let me just say, if you have never visited Costa Rica – ITS AMAZING!  I got to do some of the coolest things I have ever experienced: 3 volcanoes, zip-lining through the rain forest, coffee farm, toucans, crocodiles, boating, swimming, staying 6 nights with  Costa Rican family……. I could go on all day!

However one thing that opened up my world was the coffee farm.  I had been a casual coffee drinker in the past – maybe once or twice a month.  Never a daily thing.  We didn’t even own a coffee maker at home.  I actually got one as a wedding present and finally after about 15 years on non-usage, gave it away.  But when you visit Costa Rica, you do as the Costa Ricans do and coffee is a must.  One tradition that I particularly enjoyed was “cafecito” (no idea if I am spelling it correctly).  This is afternoon coffee with some type of sweet pastry.  Hmmmmm…..let me think about this……..YES!  SIGN ME UP!

The coffee there was also amazing!  Everywhere we went, we were offered coffee and it would have been rude to refuse.  So after having some of the best coffee in the world, I am hooked.  I bought as much coffee as I could bring back and now I have converted my non-coffee-drinking husband into a rabid coffee drinker.  He now daily grinds coffee and makes it each morning.  The bad part is we were spoiled by the incredible coffee I brought back.  It was a super sad day when we finished off the rest of the Costa Rican coffee : (  I even looked up one of the brands of coffee on Amazon and found I could buy it for $22 for a small bag!  It was $4 in Costa Rica.  Lesson:  If you go to Costa Rica, load up on coffee to bring home – and send me some!!

So my new favorite is coffee!  Where have to you been all my life?  Why did it take me 42 years to find you??

Daily tally:

Avery 0/-1, Brooke 0/0,  Kate 1/0, Coffee 1/0


6 thoughts on “My New Favorite

  1. I love Costa Rica! Where did you visit? I backpacked around there for two weeks. Spent some time camping on the black sand beach of Dominacal. Hiked up Mt. Chirripo (but not the whole way up). Hike 10 hours through the rain forest in Monteverde. Visited the volcano Arenal.

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    1. It is amazing! I was actually there for work and stayed with a family in Atenas for 6 nights. They spoke no English so my espanol improved quickly out of necessity. Went to Vulcan Paos and to beach for a day. The other two volcanoes were in Nicaragua. Went there for 5 nights in the same trip. Would go back in a second!!

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  2. We grind coffee daily too, and have brought beans back from Burma, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia, which is supposedly the original source of coffee. Always a blow when we run out.
    P.S. My mother discovered coffee when she was 35 and had just given birth to twins.

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